I Bought My Dream Car!!!


Yet another “impossible dream” achieved… Happy birthday to me. I just bought myself a £180,000 car. A Bentley Continental GT Convertible!

Yes you read that right, no that is not a typo.

Next level Harriette isn’t loading. She has arrived!! 🤩🤩🤩


This wasn’t an overnight arrival though… this is years and years of work and dedication to Money Consciousness, Spirituality, Business Strategy, Energetic Science & Self-Leadership. 

This is a result of constant investment in myself, in high-level mentorship, in knowledge, in training programmes, in my team & support. Not just when the money was readily available, but more so when the money wasn’t even there. When it seemed ridiculous, irresponsible, even bonkers, to go and max out my overdraft, or rack up another credit card bill, or ask family for another loan… I committed to my dreams before I had even an inkling that they were possible. 

committed to doing the work, to trying & implementing everything I was learning, committed to failing and getting back up again, committed myself to facing my fears, facing rejection, facing imposter syndrome and the voices in my head that told me I wasn’t good enough, that I’d never make it.

I committed. I leaned in to the fear. I did this consistently. 

Consistently I committed to pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, to doing the things most others wouldn’t dare to do. 

I had a dream… a big dream.

I wanted the multi-million pound mansion home.

I wanted the loving husband who either worked from home, or worked with me, or both.

I wanted the dream cars, specifically the Bentley.

I wanted the luxurious lifestyle.

I wanted the house staff & support to take care of me and my family.

I wanted the company staff & support to take care of my companies.

I wanted first class travel, and 5 star experiences.

I wanted the designer labels and the glamorous appearance.

I wanted the amazing sex life and a healthy body I felt great in.

I wanted the freedom to make decisions without having to consult my bank balance.

I wanted it all.

Years ago, I was invited on to a stage to deliver a talk about “having it all”. On that stage I told them that I didn’t actually have it all YET, but I knew I was going to. I shared with them what I knew and HOW I knew I was going to get it all.

The date was 26.4.2019. My 31st birthday.

Fast forward 3 years, and I decided I wanted a Bentley for my birthday. This year, 34, is the year for the Bentley.

Just days ago I set about finding the car. I found her, less than an hour from where we live. In a beautiful blue colour with immaculate cream interior. Basically brand new. Immaculate condition. Only 6000 miles on the clock.

The date of registration…. 26.4.2019.  The same date as the day I made my declaration from THAT stage.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I called my finance guy. Told him this was the car. He asked the price. A cool £180,000. Could we get it financed? I sent over my accounts. A day later he said the application was in. This afternoon he called to let me know the deal is done, the car is mine.


I set the intention on my birthday 3 years ago that I would SOON have it all. That same day, my Blue Bentley was registered and sent out into the world to find me. 

Today we became an energetic match.

Three years the Universe has been conspiring in my favour to honour the declaration I made on that stage…. “One day soon, I will have it ALL”.

It’s a dream come true manifestation. A dream come true car. A dream come true life.

I have ticked every single thing off that list. What next I wonder?!

There is an art & a magic to creating a life designed by your desires. It’s not an overnight success, and it does require commitment, consistency, and big scary leaps, but if I’m going to put my cards on the table and say this is what you need to do the same, then this is what you need:



 Money Consciousness Method – £2000
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 Money Queen – £222
 MORE Money – £111
 Fast Energy Fast Cash – £199
 The Rich Mentality – £444
 The Rich Embodiment – £444
 Ask H Voucher – £250 (to use towards a future programme of your choice)

 Value – £7,000 (soon increasing to £8,444)

The Dream Come True Bundle is all yours for £4000 !!! (or £4444 if you opt for a payment plan)

If you’ve already leaped into any of the above programmes in the last 14 days, you can use the total value of what you’ve spent towards the Bundle and upgrade yourself, either PIF or on payment plan.

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Make a note of the date, and declare it out loud to yourself… “very soon, I will have all my dreams come true!” I can’t wait to see what magic manifests for you with all this at your disposal!

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>>> I AM THE ONE <<<

My love always