How’s The Spending Going This Month?

How’s The Spending Going This Month?

I just looked at my credit card balance and whistled to myself. I’m a sucker for being overly generous with gifts this time of year!

And then one of my coaches emailed to say she’s doing a VIP dinner in Jan… for $2000.

So I thought, ‘eff it. I deserve a little treat too, and what a way to start the year! On seriously high-vibes, with fellow business women, go-getters, big dreamers and high achievers!

Isn’t that how every new year should start?

But of course booking into expensive self-development days and courses can be daunting, especially at this time of year, when the pressure is on to buy so many gifts.

I remember when I first started investing in these things, i.e. myself, and spending huge chunks of change on courses, coaches, mentors, and trips all over the world, it used to literally turn my stomach, like ‘holy crap, how am I ever going to make that money back’, and ‘i think my credit card hates me’.

But over time I quickly realised the more I spend, the more I receive. Now I know this to be Universal and energetic law. Money is just energy, and when spent in alignment with ones highest greatest good, it comes back to us tenfold. 

Over the years I’ve spent in excess of six figures on my self-development, and now at 7-figures, it’s easy to see how those investments have served me time and time again. The more I earn, the more I invest in myself, so that I can earn more and then invest more. It’s a beautiful cycle of healthy money flow and abundant energy.

The trick is to make the investment FIRST. 

For years I told myself that once I had an extra bit of cash, or once I hit a higher income, I would commit to investing in one of those coaches or mentors I so admired. And of course I stayed stuck in the land of ‘when ’ for SIX WHOLE YEARS, until one day I took the plunge and took out a loan of £12,000 to make that huge leap.

It was easily one of the most terrifying things I ever did. But it sticks in my memory as a seriously powerful moment. The moment I decided I was worth the investment.

When we make those decisions, we immediately enter another realm of energetic availability.

In making the investment, we have also made a commitment, and the energy of commitment is seriously seriously powerful. It’s instantly life-changing.

I’ve heard many stories of my own clients, and experienced this myself, that sometimes making the investment is enough to make the energetic shift necessary to achieve the desired goal. Sometimes we don’t even have to do the course or programme.

Sometimes all it takes is that willingness to show up for ourselves,
our willingness to commit,
our willingness to do something we’ve never done before,
in order to break the pattern and the cycle,
in order to really show the Universe and ourselves that we are worthy,
and we are ready for new beginnings and the multiplication of our abundance.

So in January I’m hoping on a plane to attend a dinner with one of my coaches. $2000 plus flights and accommodation. For dinner.

Sounds crazy right? The best plans are. 

Which makes me wonder, what are your January plans?

Why don’t you join me in Florida for a VIP day, where we do lunch AND dinner?

And all the coaching, masterminding, workshopping, implementing, healing, releasing, forgiving, embodying, networking, grounding, and elevating.

With fellow like-minded, high-vibe, go-getting people who are all in the energy of committing, and investing, and ultimately KNOWING, that these investments always come back to us tenfold.

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Who do you aspire to be next year?

Would that person hop on a place and spend a day as a VIP accelerating to new levels of understanding, money mindset, and abundance?


Be that person today! Join me in Florida in January 🙂

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>>> The Spiritual Money Mindset VIP Day <<<

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In the words of L’Oreal… because you’re worth it!

Love always


p.s. the pool will be heated so feel free to bring a swim suit!