How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything

How do you do money?

I’ve said this a million times but I will say it again:

Money is just energy

It is expansive and it can’t run out

Just like our Souls… they are expansive, and they can’t expire

But living the day to day human life quite often disconnects us from our Souls, and therefore our Money

How we do money is how we do life

Our money beliefs are attached at a deep Soul level to who we believe we are in the world

And it’s those beliefs which are at the heart of every single money breakthrough my clients experience from working with me (100% of clients)

Do you desire abundance? Freedom? Success? Wealth?

Of course you do. We all do. Every human being desires all of these things in some way shape or form, whatever your definition of each is.

Do you know why?

Because every Soul has a Right and Responsibility to Abundance (these words literally made me famous)

When you’re not experiencing one or more of these four fundamental desires, a breakthrough needs to take place. 

This breakthrough needs to take place in your mind, body and Soul.

How do you know if you have a money block which needs a breakthrough?

These are some classic examples of Money Blocks:

? Having inconsistent money months, for example, earning loads one month but then barely anything the next, and therefore having no stability around your income

? Undercharging for your services (this is a total classic). By undercharging you are undermining your own ability to show up in an empowered way in order to serve. This is CRIPPLING to your self esteem and self respect babe! Massive money block!

? Not being able to keep money in the bank, no matter how much you make each month, it just finds ways to flow back out before you can enjoy it

? Non-converting sales conversations or slow business launches. This tells me you need to feel more confident in your money energy.

? Money power leaks, for example having people in your life or business who owe you money, or having clients not renew to work with you

? Other people’s money stuff coming up (either clients, or friends and family)

Money touches every single aspect of a persons life and business. Name me any one area in your life and business and you can guarantee money touches it somehow. 

Did you know that most people have subconscious blocks to making a significant income or to keeping a significant portion of the money they work so hard to create?

It’s totally normal. No judgement here. But it’s an unnecessary block you don’t need to keep in your life. 

No matter what your external situation is at the moment in regard to money, it’s the internal beliefs that are going to rule every single time.

It is impossible to succeed beyond your current beliefs. 

Beliefs are incredibly powerful structures, which can be extremely powerful for us… as long as they’re empowered beliefs, and not sabotaging beliefs!!!

Beliefs are more than just thoughts. They are the definition of how we see the world. 

We might not always be aware of our beliefs, but whether a belief is true or not, if you believe it’s true then it’s true for you. 

Naturally then you begin to consciously organise your life and business around your beliefs, and what you make manifest, is a direct result of what you believe.

We manifest what is important to us. We manifest what we focus on. We manifest what we believe.

You believe your current situation is possible for you. So you manifested it.

Would you prefer to believe something more empowering instead?

What you believe is what you feel.

What you feel is what you decide and do.

What you decide and do creates your reality.


Tell me, why is it not safe for you to have more in your life?

More abundance, more freedom, more success, more wealth?

What money challenge would you like to work on?

Let’s sort your beliefs out so we can change your reality. 

Love Always

Harriette x


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Posted on

February 5, 2019