How working less equals earning more… a LOT more


Quick lesson in Money Consciousness for you…

A few weeks ago I announced a brand new Ask Harriette re-brand was in the pipeline, and we would be relaunching with a whole new look on April 26th 2019 (put that date in your diary… it’s my birthday!).

This whole new look came with a whole new level of exclusivity meaning all of a sudden I have become unavailable for coaching in a LOT of ways.

In fact if you’re not already a Soul Sister or a Priestess Protege, or a 1:1 client then you’ve got very very limited access to me. 

The Money Mindset System, my signature system, which has generated multiple 6 figures in revenue, has had its last hurrah. I will NEVER be launching this course again.

The Light Consciousness programme, will also, NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN.

Energy Alchemy is also about to disappear off my website forever, along with the Light Tour replays, the Goddess Gift, The Law of Abundance Bundle, and How To Make 10k in 10 Days.

Makes absolute zero financial sense right? I mean, why the hell would I shut down such positive revenue streams? Especially when they’re already made and created?

This, darling, is what we call NEXT LEVEL Money Consciousness. 

You see there’s more to money that just setting up businesses, and revenue streams to make quick cash. Money has changed. The entire world has changed in fact. You have changed Ellie.

More importantly, perhaps frighteningly so… ENERGY HAS CHANGED.

You’ve heard of Artificial intelligence right?

Man created A.I. and it gets more and more and more advanced every single day. 30 years ago my mum still used a typewriter in her office. Computers were like … wtf?! Intelligence propelled humanity forward in incredible ways.

But it wasn’t just A.I. that advanced at mind blowing speed… E.I. also advanced in ways that our consciousness hasn’t felt for eons.

E.I. is Energy Intelligence, and how you use Energy Intelligence is through Consciousness, specifically Light Consciousness. 

When applying E.I. with L.C. to Money, you get INCREDIBLE results. This is quantum physics at its highest level… the spiritual level. 

Energetic Intelligence understands Soul purpose, Truthful intention, and Aligned individuals.

If you’re not truthful, authentic, aligned, and purposeful, then money ain’t coming nowhere near ya!

Money is just another form of energy. 

Money knows, now more than ever, it needs to move through people who are authentic, aligned, purposeful, and driven to make a conscious contribution to the world. Anything that reeks of falsity, patriarchy, control, repression, deceit, selfishness, or shadows is going to fall apart at the seams as the Energetic Intelligence removes its abundant support, in favour of upholding those who will help, rather than hinder for selfish gain.

When you’re Money Conscious, you don’t need to work harder for your money… actually you need to work less. You just need to work in Alignment. Don’t create and sell just for the sake of it. The E.I. will know you’re faking it.

With this in mind, it’s out with the old, and in with the new. It’s upgrade time.

And, yes, whilst I will be removing certain programmes from my website on April 26th to keep you guys focused, I have in the meantime launched my own apparel line… because E.I. loves to play and have fun! I’m also stocking my own crystals and crystal water bottles (collection will be growing as I source more over the coming weeks and months).

Go have a little fun with your money! But remember always to be conscious. If it makes you feel good, and you know it’s serving the greatest highest good of all, you can breath easy, and know the E.I. has your back.

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Love always



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April 17, 2019