How To Step Into The Energy of Desire TO Quantum Leap Your Money & Manifesting Goals

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I wanted to share with you a super quick truth bomb about Desire.

I have been in business for 11 years, and for a lot of that time I was a walking talking ‘hustle bunny’, working 18 hours a day and doing all the things I thought I ‘should’ be doing after taking a million online marketing and business courses.

And then burn out hit, along with a total business collapse (another story for another time), and a very dark journey down a depressing and near-suicidal path. Yuk.

I was seriously seriously unbalanced and working my ass off from a place of ‘should’ and ‘need’ and obligation, and fear, and worry, and anxiety, and stress, and basically all the places I should absolutely not have been working from as my foundation.

So a few years ago my spiritual awakening began and I started playing with the energy of Desire.

Fast forward to right now and I’m earning multiple 7 figures across my various companies, have a huge waiting list of clients, and acquiring all that I desire is frankly easy, effortless and fun!

I realised that the stories I’d be selling myself in previous years just weren’t the truth. In fact it was all a freaking illusion. The only thing that was true then, remains true now, and will always be true is this:

Our Desires are our Souls way of reminding us what we are ALREADY DESTINED FOR!

This means that in no uncertain terms you can have whatever you want, and all that you desire it not only your right, it is actually also your responsibility. You have a right and a responsibility to manifest the full completion of all that you desire. In disabling this truth within your energy matrix you are actually breaking the Law of Abundance and denying yourself your birth right.

So of course you can have whatever you want. If you Desire it from your Soul it is yours to have.

(there’s a total difference by the way between desiring from Soul and desiring from Ego but we can cover that another time)

When you step into the full power of Desires you are consciously raising the vibration of the collective around you, and consequently you are inviting others to step up into the power of their own Desires, and this gorgeous ripple effect of empower & enlightened beings continues across the globe!

Before I knew this, I used to squash my own Desires as selfish, unreasonable, greedy, ridiculous, impossible and whatever else excuse I could think of to not allow myself to even fully feel my desire, let alone begin the creation of it into manifested form.

But, today, I think completely differently, and if I new Desire comes to the surface of my energy and into my consciousness, I know this is a sign from Source and from my Higher Self to act on this vision, and I use the feelings of my Desire and my knowledge of manifesting and Quantum Leaping to make it happen in record time.

Quite simply I know if I want it, I can have it. And that’s a freaking powerful turn around from where I used to be.

In this video I talk about exactly what our desires are, where they come from, what it means to step into them and how we leverage them to quantum leap our way to success:

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts below!

Love always

Harriette xxx

p.s. this video is a snippet from my Desire Decide Done Manifesting & Money Bootcamp training!

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October 14, 2018