How To Solve Life’s Biggest Mysteries


“Life’s big mystery”…

That frustrating situation you find yourself in, yet again.

That person who triggers you to all hell who just seems to constantly pop up at the worst time.

The two steps backward that relentlessly seem to come with every one step forward.

How long have you spent shrugging these things off, branding them unsolvable, nothing more than life’s little annoyances that no-one can do anything about? You probably watched your parents do the same. You may have received them as well-meaning words of “comfort” from grandparents.


The unwillingness to see what’s right in front of you is generational.


How do you fancy being the generation that solves the mystery? 

These situations are not just a part of life that needs to be tolerated. They are happening for you, to teach you, to expand your consciousness, to help you understand yourself better and know what you need to do to move forward – and stop these things cropping up again!

They can all be explained by the Law of Assignment; just one of the 11 Universal Laws

I happen to be teaching them live, for the first time since 2017, over 3 days next week, with some pretty mind-blowing upgrades!


Once you understand these Laws, you understand life. You see clearly that it really is just a game, with a set of rules, and a way to win!


When you know how to recognise how your teachers show up (that person that keeps triggering you to all hell  ? ) you can recognise that they’re simply tasks to undertake before you reach the next level of the game. 

You see the lesson, do your homework, pass the assignment, and the mystery is solved! Doesn’t life suddenly seem a lot easier and more enjoyable?

Imagine what it would seem like with all 11 Laws in your toolbox?!

The first class is on Monday, and you’ll have lifetime access to the replays. 

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See you there!


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June 13, 2020