Here’s How To Have Your Next Quantum Leap…

The Ask Harriette brand has experienced a doubling in cash received twice in a row the last two months. We are selling at an incredible level, and serving at an even higher one. We’re on track for even higher multi-6-figure months and this could well be a multi-7-figure year for us, despite having a “slow” start to the year.

The difference between this year and last year?!


👉 High Level Mentorship & Investment in a Shit Load of Knowledge


When I say high-level… I mean multi 5-figures for 1:1 coaching. Repeatedly.

When I say a shit ton of knowledge, I mean 40+ programmes and absolute trust in myself that I’ll be guided to the training / video / audio I need most in the moment and receive exactly what I need to receive.

I don’t speak to my coach every day. I don’t need to. That’s not what high level mentorship is about. For me, it’s about KNOWING she’s there IF I need her. She’s not responsible for my success, I am, but knowing that she’s there, that she’s in my corner, that she’s leaps & bounds ahead of me, and exactly where I desire to be, is enough to motivate me to lean in, listen, learn, implement, show up, commit like I never have before, lean back, receive & then celebrate like my continued growth depends on it (because it does). That and also the fact that I’ve invested more than feels comfortable is enough to stick a rocket up my ass. This is the true rocket science that most people struggle to get. Pun intended. If you’re not scared shitless by the investments you’re making, you’re not going to show up for them. It’s really quite simple.


People wonder why £2000 courses don’t work for them when £2000 is actually easy money for them. The science is in the rocket. You have to invest outside of your comfort zone if you want to see a return on those investments that changes your comfort zone. You want magic? Invest it.

£2000 courses will work for the people who can’t afford those courses but got in the room anyway. If £2000 is throw away money to you (or if  £185/month via the payment plan option equates to throw away money), then you’re going to throw away the opportunity. I guarantee it.


On the 40+ programmes I’ve paid for. I have no intention of finishing them all. Some I don’t even start. I just pick a random training from the middle if I so feel called. This level of self-trust to lead myself to wherever is best for me has been a game changer. Don’t get me wrong, I need the knowledge. We all do. Knowledge is power. The more the better, and the more motivated you are to implement that knowledge, also the better. This is why despite being in 40+ programmes, and 3 high level containers, I’m not even remotely overwhelmed. The answer is not in those programmes so there’s no pressure or expectation on myself to go through those programmes like a good little student. I haven’t given my power to those programmes to provide the reality I’m searching for. The answer is in me. The Power is in me. My ability to continuously apply myself, do shit that scares me, and commit like a mofo.


🚀 The reason these programmes are working for me… 40 programmes x £2000 … do the math. It’s a fuck ton of money so I show TF up for it.


This doesn’t mean hustling or working until I burn out. Quite the opposite. Backing myself at this level, immersing myself in so much knowledge, and showing up like I never have before… it’s EXHILARATING! And… it’s working.

This is the combo of learning everything I could possibly learn about sales. Implementing it. Watching the results. Creating my own teachings, learnings and understandings, of course blended beautifully with my modality of science, spirituality, strategy and self-leadership… all whilst continually investing in high level mentorship.


This is what is working now. All the programmes all at the same time. Stretching myself financially to do it. All the containers and mentors at the same time. Stretching myself financially to do it. It’s not about going through the programmes in a linear fashion to avoid overwhelm, or only hiring one coach at at time to avoid conflict… that’s SLOW AF!

I want Quantum Leaps. So I paid for them. Now I’m getting them. You want rocket like results? Better put something up your ass that’s going to motivate you to show up differently!


So… with this in mind… let’s figure out a suitable rocket size for your ass… Omg that sounds hillarious!


🚀 IF… you’re not in Sales Queen, and you’re telling yourself it’s because you can’t afford it… you know what to do… get in Sales Queen (hello this pays for itself!!):

>>> Sales Queen Sized Rockets Right Here <<<



🚀 IF… you’re already in multiple containers, perhaps including Sales Queen and/or Money Consciousness Method but you’re aware you’re not crapping your pants because of the investment you just made, & realise you need to be… choose to upgrade to either the Dream Come True Bundle OR The ONE 1:1 option.

The Dream Come True Bundle includes:

Money Consciousness Method – £2000
Sales Queen – £2000
 Impossible Dream – currently £333 (going up to £1777)
 Money & Sales Mastermind – £1000
 Money Queen – £222
 MORE Money – £111
 Fast Energy Fast Cash – £199
 The Rich Mentality – £444
 The Rich Embodiment – £444
 Ask H Voucher – £250 (to use towards a future programme of your choice)

^^^ whatever you’ve already paid towards any of these in the last 14 days, you can use as credit towards the £4000 and just pay the difference to upgrade (total value is £8000).

Get in touch to upgrade yourself!

Not enough of a stretch?!

🚀The ONE is where you need to be. Includes immediate access to £30,000 worth of trainings (& more, but I can’t reveal the more until you’re inside), plus 1:1 coaching with me for the duration of the package you choose!

3 months is pay in full only. We will consider payment plans for 6 and 12 months but ONLY if we’re confident the plan is a considerable sized rocket for you to get the quantum leap results!


 3 months 1:1 plus The ONE – £6000
 6 months 1:1 plus The ONE – £11,000
 12 months 1:1 plus The ONE – £20,000

The ONE (worth £60,000) will be launched next month but is complimentary for all new 1:1 clients enrolling this week (or until all spots are filled).

I only have ONE SPOT left for the 3 month option! Move fast!

I am REALLY freaking excited about the women who get to experience The ONE. The ONE is the epitome of everything I’ve been doing for myself this year! It’s serious rocket fuel!

>>> The ONE. This is my rocket!! <<<

Whatever you do, promise yourself this… do NOT stay fucking comfortable… otherwise you’ll be uncomfortable for the rest of your life!

Choose temporary discomfort for a life beyond your wildest. It’ll be worth it.

H xxx