How to Fight the Fuzz

Do you ever get those days where no matter how much you try, you can’t seem to generate the motivation or will power you need? Making decisions is difficult? You’re not entirely sure what it is you want, or what you’re doing, and it all just seems a bit fuzzy?!

Me too. It’s completely normal.

Only some days, the fuzz is the LAST thing you need and you really really really don’t want it.

Typically fuzz installs itself on days we have deadlines, or interviews, or promised ourselves we’d finally have ‘that’ conversation.

Fuzz loves to weave its way into all your senses and make a little fuzzy nest right at the moment when you’re most in need of high energy, sharp intuition, and a clear head!

Fuzz loves the lead up to a business launch when your to-do list is a mile long and it’s imperative you keep ‘showing up’ for your audience. Online entrepreneurs, I know you hear me on this one.

Fuzz loves exam day… because isn’t that the BEST day to forget everything you just spent months learning?!

Fuzz loves relationship melt downs because we all need to be told we created the problem and have zero logical arguments to fall back on, right at that moment you need to stand up for yourself.

Fuzz loves to hijack your sleep the night before you need to get up at 4am for that super important meeting. Because fuzz decided it just really needed to have the ‘what if’ conversation with you ALL NIGHT.

Meet fuzz:

I hope you’re hearing my sarcasm here and laughing in recognition and most, if not all, of those scenarios!

I freaking HATE fuzz! Not very Priestess-ly of me to say but seriously, ‘eff fuzz and its terrible timing!

So what is fuzz?

Fuzz is a soul blocker

Fuzz is an ego pleaser

Fuzz is an upper limiter

Fuzz is an energy vampire

And fuzz doesn’t just suck your energy dry… fuzz sucks your money mojo dry too.

In order for us to manifest at high speeds and keep the money-flow channel wide open, we need less fuzz, and more mojo.

Mojo looks like this, and she sits inside of you, ready to be switched on at any moment you choose:

Wanna know how to switch on your money mojo?

Stay tuned for some mind blowing, life changing info coming your way!

Love you

H xx


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August 24, 2018