How to do Black Friday properly (results from my money experiment)



There is a LOT of hype around Black Friday. Someone please remind me to buy a new laptop and some cashmere jumpers before the sales are over!

You might remember last month I declared I was putting myself on a spending ban, just to experiment with money, consciousness, and all the practices I teach, and to be completely honest because my bank manager triggered the crap out of me lol.

So following the rather large purchase of a new car… (Audi R8 V10… pics are on my Insta. You’re welcome.) … I decided I’d commit to no more ‘extravagant spending’ beyond my essentials baseline which is about 15k a month, and I stuck to it, for about three weeks.

And have a guess what happened?!

I had the shittest financial three weeks I’ve had for over a year. And bear in mind we’d just closed the doors on the School of Mastery, this dry spell that suddenly took over left me parched. THIRSTY.

We were making peanuts. I’m used to doing upwards of 2k per day, every day. Sometimes it’s 3, 4 and even 5k a day. All of a sudden I was having £0 days. And £100 days. Gross.

And shocking.

Until of course I realised the stuff I’ve been teaching for years is actually 1 million percent legit, genuinely fucking works, and I was being an idiot for trying to fix something that wasn’t broken.


It needs to flow babe. And when you curb your spending, it really can’t flow. So when I cut my spending, I also cut my income.

IT’S JUST ENERGY. It’s not tangible. We are the vessels through which money flows, and we have to be available to receive. 

We are only capable of receiving what we are available to disperse. So in making myself unavailable for spending above my base line needs, I also made myself unavailable for receiving in abundance.

Now obviously there’s a fine art to this balance of spending. We want expansion vibes rather than excessive vibes. Intuition over indulgence. I’ve mastered this over the course of the last few years, and I teach it in my Money Consciousness trainings, but the nuts and bolts of it is this:

In order to receive, we must disperse, so if you’re trying to unblock your money flow, one of the easiest ways to do is to invest in your own expansion, which can show up in a myriad of ways:

  • expand your waistline (kind of inevitable at this time of year lol)
  • expand your knowledge
  • expand your wardrobe
  • expand your gifting
  • expand your business
  • expand your intuitive awareness
  • expand your understanding of life

Obviously some of these will have a greater return than others. I can’t promise cashmere sweaters and boxes of chocolates will increase your capacity to receive direct income (we can dream), but I can assure you investing in your own greatest and highest good definitely will!

So whilst you’re shopping for your Black Friday deals, consider which ones will deliver the greatest return on investment and instantly open your capacity to receive more abundance. 

Remember, it’s all just energy, and you have a right and a responsibility to receive abundance.

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Love always



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November 28, 2019