How to create longevity in your business 

I want to firstly take a moment to thank you, deeply, from the bottom of my heart for inviting me into your inbox, pretty much on a daily basis. I know that in 2022, an email address is likely more valuable than gold and sometimes that “unsubscribe” button can be a god send when we’ve gone a bit mad on the old freebie sign ups. But you haven’t unsubscribed from me, and I’m often told by clients and even just people in my audience that mine are some of the only emails they make sure they always read. I do not take that for granted even for a second, so I want to take a moment for you to feel my sincere gratitude. 

But, it’s not by accident that I’m fortunate and humbled enough to receive that kind of feedback. It’s a result of a carefully, intentionally and deliberately created brand. It’s the result of a radical commitment to understanding who I am, how I serve, how my message is unique and discovering my distinctive way of communicating it so that those who are meant to hear it are hooked on every word, even when I email them 7 days a week!

And it doesn’t stop at my emails, people tell me they actively search for my instagram stories and posts if the algorithm doesn’t automatically show it to them, and they wonder where I am and what I’m up to if I haven’t posted for a while. Again, this is no accident, it’s a result of my relationship with my brand, which cultivates my relationship with you guys, into one of deep, pure love and a desire to spend as much time together as possible. 

You can create this for yourself too, you can create a brand that has people stop what they’re doing to read your latest email the moment it lands and tapping that little heart at the bottom of every single story because they’re just so in love with who you are and what you have to say. 

I’m teaching you how to create this for yourself in my brand new masterclass; Turning Heads: The One To Watch. This is the one that makes you magnetic, that allows you to radiate through the screen and touch the hearts and lives of people all over the world. Which of course, translates into consistent sales and consistent growth – even people who aren’t currently buying from you will one day, even if it’s years down the line, because they enter into a relationship with your content and become invested in the way you deliver it. That eventually turns into a sale, an iconic brand creates longevity for your business! 

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Becoming iconic leads to one place and one place only… the building of your Empire! Throughout the last, nearly 2 years, you’ve witnessed the evolution of the Queendom and the Ultimate Queen Collection – a series of courses, programmes and masterclasses teaching you how to Queen the shit out of each area of your life and business. But where do you go once you’ve mastered Queening? 

You become the Empress… 

In 2023, The Empress Collection begins. Technically, it already began with The Holy Grail masterclass, my most powerful masterclass with the most powerful feedback I’ve ever created; obviously, that’s exactly how the Queen Collection was born too. In 2023, we go bigger, bolder, more transformative, more impactful, more successful, but at the same time softer and more receptive, more subtle. Feminine power is subtle but poignant, empathetic but potent, nurturing but provoking and dynamic. This is the embodiment of The Empress. 

If The Queen Collection is anything to go by, the value of this WILL exceed £12,0000, minimum! 
As The Empress, you will rise up into the most radiant version of yourself, and when you radiate, you expand into infinity, in every area you desire to expand in. 

My love always,