How resistant are you to change?


How resistant are you to change?

An interesting question I invite you to explore in today’s IGTV.

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If you’ve been feeling particularly emotional or triggered in light of recent events there could be a huge opportunity for you to embrace the Law of Assignment. You could create remarkable expansion and abundance for yourself in life and business.

I made a recent commitment to pull back from launching for a few months in light of everything going on. So instead, I’m going deep with all of my existing students and clients to help you guys make the most impactful transformation possible, for yourselves, and those you teach. And, as part of that, I’m re-teaching the Universal Laws LIVE next week. 

If you already have the Universal Laws, either from direct enrolment or through a bonus in another programme, you are welcome to join the live classes completely for free.  You’ll receive all the new upgrades, including the THIRD incarnation intention which I’m bursting to share.

If you’re not yet familiar with the Universal Laws, please go check them out and sign up to join us next week. This is the foundation of everything I teach and has the capacity to change your life in immeasurable ways.

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See you next week!

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June 11, 2020