How much do you actually receive?

I have been charged with the role of the caretaker, the nurturer and the nourisher. I’m here to bring the true meaning of Abundance back to planet earth in both a material and a spiritual sense.

As I watch the women of this world, in my containers, my 1:1 spaces, on social media, and in the world at large… something is made very clear to me.

Most women have forgotten how to receive. 

Without nurturing our gift to receive, how can we ever expect to receive abundance?

I see you…

    • pushing the business strategy
    • juggling all the plates
    • supporting all the people (clients, kids, partners etc)
    • putting everyone else’s needs before your own

    I see you

    • attempting to take care of yourself but never really feeling fully nourished
    • taking “time for yourself” but secretly mulling over your next business move in the back of your mind
    • DOING all the things you wrap up as self care, but never actually BEING 
    • taking radical responsibility for EVERYTHING except your capacity to receive 

    And then getting periodically frustrated or bitter at the lack in your life, before pumping yourself back up and going at it again, because you know… “radical responsibility”.

    You’ve gotten super clear on your direction in life… but have you stopped to consider how that direction may actually be directing you AWAY from yourSelf rather than back home to your Sovereignty where you receive more effortlessly and easily from your Divine Feminine?

    Receiving from the Divine Feminine… something you wish you “got” but don’t really, and something you’ve perhaps written off as too woo-woo or unattainable or just not tangible ENOUGH for you to really give your time and energy to… because, you know… juggling all those plates, supporting all the people, and still squeezing in those epsom salt baths and long walks dressed up as “you time” in a bid to ensure you’re “doing all the right things to receive your abundant life”. 

    Because that’s what you want isn’t it? An abundant life? Perhaps one that leaves you less stressed, less bitter, less frustrated, and actually ALLOWS YOU TO RECEIVE without effort or trying.

    Can you FEEL that?

    Perhaps you’ll shake your head, and say no I can’t, but I wish I could.

    Perhaps you’ll nod your head and say oh yes… and then say I wish.

     Perhaps you’ll nod you head and say show me how.

    Whatever your response, it’s perfect, it’s valid, it’s beautiful, and this is your first step to receiving.

    The second step (because there are no more beyond this point, and actually beyond this step is where we take the steps away completely and let you free fall into allowing and receiving), is to join me in a sacred space I’m holding for women called The Sovereign Reign Mastermind.

    The Sovereign Reign Mastermind is an indefinite space of time in which you will be held as a group of women and nourished, nurtured and loved on in ways you’ve never experienced before.

    You will be guided home to your sovereignty. You will be taught how to allow and receive that will defy all your expectations of how you’ve previously learned anything.

    You will break into a whole new embodiment of the meaning “radical responsibility” which will teach you how to remain receptive to the abundance life has to offer. 

    And this is just the beginning. The rest is yours to receive in abundance.

    Logistical technical bits:

     We begin in November.

    The space will be AT LEAST 8 weeks but very likely much longer (I don’t do time restraints).

     It will be held primarily on telegram, Monday to Friday with both myself and Mia (I’m leaving scope here for receiving in an abundanc
    e of ways).

     We will engage as women in sisterhood. This is a sacred space unlike any of my other existing containers.

     The early-bird price is £2277, and it will increase. To what and when is to be confirmed.

    And this is the link:

    >>> The Sovereign Reign Mastermind <<<

    Spaces are limited, not because of ridiculous marketing tosh, but because it’s so important to me I cultivate a space where you truly feel nurtured, nourished and able to abundantly receive all life has to offer you… which (until you master it) means close proximity with me!

    If you have Qs please reach out on Telegram or Instagram!

    If you’re in Paradigm or Infinity this is automatically included for you. If you are in the Ultimate Queen Collection this is also automatically included, BUT if you were once in UQC and upgraded to The ONE, this is not included. Masterminds are not included as part of The ONE. Discounts are however available to The ONE ladies so please enquire if this is you!

    My love always