How do we get a million dollars out?


How do we get a million dollars out?

Because it sounds great doesn’t it? We each have a million dollars inside of us, and all we have to do to see it in real life is “let it out”.

Great Harriette! So urm… how the fuck do we do that?

Yeah I hear you babe. Whilst yesterday’s email might have been alll the vibes you didn’t know you needed to hear, there wasn’t any practical action that led you forward in the direction of MORE. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve got something of an affirmation hangover. 

All the words. None of the inspired action. 

So here’s where I like to be different…

Because there’s a fuck ton of affirmation queens on the internet, and frankly they can bore off. It’s like the appetiser in a Michelin-starred restaurant (been eating in a few of those recently)… lovely, delicious, delightful, and so instagram-able… but doesn’t exactly satisfy your hunger. 

It’s “that was nice” instead of “wow that was good, and now I’m FULL”.

And I want to leave you full. Not empty for MORE. 

Only I can’t do that on email / social media post. And if I said I could I’d be conning you. What’s the bloody point?

However, give me a few days and I can walk you through the steps necessary to have a 7 course Michelin-starred meal with the best view on the planet. This is metaphorical of course. Unless of course this is something you actively desire and then of course we can make it literal.

Whatever the fuck you want you can have. But there’s some deep deep energy work and inspired action that needs to happen first. 

Fortunately for you, I’m offering a free 5 day coaching experience from September 23rd to walk you through how I consistently achieve MORE in my life, and in business.

>>> Join us here. It’s completely free <<<

Can’t wait to see you there.  And for pities sake, tell a friend, because eating in Michelin-starred restaurants on your own is not the one.

My love always



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September 11, 2020