Holding doubt and faith in the same space

Good afternoon and Happy Monday!

Here’s some brain food for the start of your week…

Holding the vibrations of both faith and doubt at the same time. Is it possible? What does it mean? How do we navigate it?

Truth be told it’s a more common occurrence than you might think

We all have faith to some extent, and doubt is an inherent natural emotion we all must navigate as human beings, but what does holding them both in the same body do our vibrational state?

To understand this, you need to know a little bit more about how the energy bodies work. If you’re an old timer around here, you’ll have been hearing me prattle on about energy body work for months now… it’s the most game changing tool I’ve stumbled upon in my 33 years of life, 4 years of Priestess-ing, and 15 years in business.

If you’re new here, don’t worry, let me catch you up to speed.

We have 10 energy bodies that make up our Quantum field. When we learn how to balance these and use them as the tools they were designed for, we can manifest the most impossible things into creation. The Law of Attraction is great (I used this a lot ten years ago) but unfortunately it only activates 1 of 10 energy bodies, which is why it doesn’t have the 100% consistent results we all wish it would!

Energy body work however is a game changer, and each energy body holds different vibrations and frequencies in polarity, meaning both the positive and the negative aspects of each vibration are available in each energy body and it’s on us to choose which we want to step into (once you’re consciously aware of what they all are and how it works of course).


Doubt exists in the 4th energy body, in duality with trust, specifically trust in self & others, and/or doubt in self & others.

Faith exists in the 6th energy body, in duality with fear, specially fear in the unknown and/or faith in the unknown.

So when we’re holding the faith in something, a desire, or a manifestation, we’re allowing the “thing” to occur in the realms of the unknown, knowing and faithfully believing that it is FOR us, BUT, whilst we simultaneously hold doubt (instead of trust) in the 4th energy body, we’re creating a temporary barrier through lack of trust in ourselves or others, that prevents the “thing” leaving the realms of the unknown and moving into the known, i.e. the manifested.

Holding the duality of faith and doubt in the same vessel doesn’t prevent the inevitable of what you KNOW is FOR you, but it can slow it down. When I teach the energy bodies and numerology, I always speak in terms of the full numerological picture… 10 is the completion.

4 + 6 = 10, i.e. the full allowing and receiving of your manifestation

Trust + Faith = the full manifestation of your desire and what is for you


4 – 6 = -2


6 – 4 = 2

The 2 is known as the Negative Self (not as negative as it sounds) BUT when energy gets stuck here it stagnates and keeps us separated from Source / God / Universe / the power of our true self.

It’s a temporary stagnation until we work through the negative thoughts and consequences of the doubt we feel and activate trust in its place. Trust in self, trust in those around us, trust in our capacity to receive, trust in our ability to give, trust in our intention to keep the heart space open for flow.

Understanding how 2, 4, and 6 work together is really enlightening for understanding where and how we’re blocking and stagnating our own energetic flow.

So questions for you next time you find yourself holding both faith and doubt at the same time, and creating a weird alchemical pot of negativity within your body:

> If I fully trusted myself to receive my desire, how would I be showing up right now? (This moves you from hyper focused awareness on what you DON’T trust and into the flow of a more open heart space)

> If I fully trusted others to co-create this manifestation with me and for me, how would I be showing up right now? (This removes the self-inflicted pressure of 100% responsibility for a co-creation which is another very common but unnecessary state for us to be in)

> If I didn’t just have faith in the thing that is for me, but also TRUSTED beyond what I’m currently feeling, what would that feel like in my heart space? (This will allow you to physically and energetically exhale and open up a little more space for flow and grace)

> In recognising that the negative thoughts and feelings I’m experiencing are just an alchemical consequence of the imbalance of faith playing out it’s co-existence with doubt in my body, what will it take for me to surrender the negative feelings as a false and unnecessary energetic existence, and instead shift my focus back to trust and faith?

These questions alone will have your brain analysing your situation from a completely different perspective, and the more you sit with it, the more you’ll begin to notice the changing hormones and feelings in your body… and beyond that, you’re sure to see a change in your outward reality.

Hope this comes in useful for you this week!

My love always