Here’s what you need to know about battling with your ego


I’ve just wrapped up a two hour talk at Chris Harder’s Fast Foundations Mastermind here in LA. The response was unanimous:

“Life-changing Harriette… mind blown”

One of the biggest take aways was understanding the difference between ego and Soul. 

I’ve explained this many times before but not in the way it was received from Source and delivered through my mouth this afternoon. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Your ego is your 3D protector, created to stop you from doing stupid shit like jumping off cliffs without a parachute (literally and figuratively).

But your ego’s perception of stupid shit is a little skewed thanks to your patriarchal conditioning. 

And ego is often misunderstood and poorly explained. 

Many people on the internet will tell you to “listen to your intuition” and if something feels bad to not run with it.

Those people on the internet got it slightly wrong. 

Yes you should listen to your “intuition”… what you’re actually trying to listen to here is your Soul. 

Your Soul isn’t actually capable of telling you anything remotely negative or ‘warning’ you against things. 

If you get a negative vibration of any kind, that’s your ego speaking to you. So if your ego is speaking to you and you’re listening, you’re not actually operating from Consciousness… you’re acting from the limited ego mind. 

This doesn’t serve you. 

Your Soul self is only capable of positive and high vibrations, so if something isn’t a good fit, then your Soul will show you a positive alternative. It won’t tell you something is bad. Because ultimately nothing is bad. All of life is an illusion. 

You can choose a different illusion at any time. And you can choose to follow your Soul now that you understand it will only lead you in positive directions. 

Learning to hear your Soul above the noise of your ego? 

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Love always


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June 5, 2019