Here’s Something I Desire For You


Hey Gorgeous

Here’s something I desire for you:

For you to be so head over heels in love with your life, and the work you do in the world, that you burst into random fits of giggles, that sunshine radiates from your face, that you bounce out of bed in the morning over flowing with ideas and downloads, that all your bills are effortlessly paid without you having to even think about it, that you’re shown the gratitude and recognition you deserve for the work you do in this world, and that you live a truly beautiful and abundant life of your own design.

This was me today. All day.

It was needed after a pretty rough but necessary deep healing and ‘mental health’ week last week. (Sidenote: Trust and know that what I healed for humanity last week will be delivered as a life changing lesson to you guys at some point in the future.)

But the deep healing that I did, the depths to which I travelled, and the space that I took for myself (despite a seemingly endless list of people demanding my time and attention), resulted in my return to the surface brighter, shinier, and more abundant than ever, overflowing with effervescent Grace.

And that list of people demanding my time and attention… has miraculously shrunk. Obviously. Because the demands weren’t real anyway, they were just an external manifestation of the absence of the internal self-expression of Divinity within me. When we unplug from Source, we plug into 3D mundane chaos, and it’s there that we feel overwhelm, exhaustion, fear & scarcity.

Don’t know about you but I’m not here for fear. I’m here for freedom.

Freedom of Divine Self-Expression

Freedom of Movement

Freedom of Abundance

Freedom of Independent Thought

Freedom of Soul Fulfilment

Freedom of Love

Freedom of Service

Freedom of Conscious Contribution

Freedom of Manifestation

Freedom of Unity, Grace & Oneness

I can help you achieve all of these things, through the Ask Harriette blend of science, spirituality, and strategy.

During this morning’s team meeting at Ask H HQ, we looked at all the ways in which we can help you achieve all of this, and honestly, it’s Abundant AF!

The team has grown to a point where we can literally support anyone and everyone in every stage of business, from the absolute start-up idea phase, right through to the 7 figures and beyond phase. Did I just stick a middle finger up to the idea of niching? Yes babe. Yes I did. Why? Because I do life and business The Priestess Way, i.e. any god damn way that feels good for me at that moment.

And this feels good. Actually it has me giggling, grinning from ear to ear, standing in my Light, my Power, my Presence, and delivering from my place in my Zone of Genius. And the rest…. well I got a whole team for that now boo. We GREW! The team is huge. We’ve got copy writers, tech support, website designers & builders, editors, image people (no idea what the technical name is lol), mindset coaches, business strategists, astrologists, kinesiologists, and even Priestesses in training!

Basically in short… we have truly mastered what it takes to build a business entirely from scratch and create an authentically aligned abundant AF Soul within a body doing the damn thing and making the world a better place. 

And listen, it’s not on me to tell you which course / programme / package to do to take you from where you are to where you want to be, because that’s not my zone of genius. But what I can tell you is this… we are really really really fucking good. We’ve done it a hundred times over now and we’re masters.

Want that shiny bright overflowing Light life I described earlier? Let’s make it happen.

>>> Book in a call to chat with my team about which glass slipper is for you <<<

Can’t wait to serve you, Priestess style!

My love always


p.s. if you’re considering Mastermind jump in quick, we’ve got guest expert Chris Harder joining us tomorrow!!


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March 11, 2020