Here’s my take on Corona


Here’s my take on Corona

I honestly don’t believe this is Patriarchy (I bet you expected I said it would be).

Actually I think the E.I. put this in place to show us a very simple truth:

We all fear death.

And if we fear death, we fear life. When we fear life, we resist abundant Soul fulfilment.

Many of you reading this won’t fear death for yourselves, of course not. You know it’s a virus, which if you contract, may leave you bed bound for a week or two at most, perhaps without an adequate supply of loo roll… BUT… you wouldn’t die.

However, I’ll bet many of you fear for loved ones, and as such you do fear death. And so by Universal Law you fear life.

If Corona is a lesson sent from Source / E.I. / God / Universe to show us something, then it’s a lesson that ultimately serves our greatest and highest good.

The virus isn’t here to cleanse us, threaten us, or wipe us out. It’s here to wake us up, to help us realise that there is nothing to fear other than fear itself. 

We will all die anyway. When it’s our time to go it’s our time to go, no matter what age, or by whatever means, whether it’s Corona, cancer, or a car crash. Death is an inevitable part of life.

Stock piling loo roll to protect your elderly grandmother is missing the point. 

Embracing all life has to offer, including the complexities of the human skin suit, our beautiful emotional spectrum, our right & responsibility to abundance, and our innate gifts as service to the Planet… THAT is the god damn point.

Worrying about losing a job you hate, or panicking about losing income as a self-employed individual is far more damaging to you than contracting the corona virus. The frequencies these thoughts instil in you is worse than death itself. You become a living death when you subscribe to fear. 

The virus is not the enemy. A recession is not the enemy. The Patriarchy is not the enemy.

People who are panicking aren’t wrong. And people who are flippant about the whole thing aren’t wrong either.

Judgement of the issue, of people, of their responses, and of the world wide response… is wrong, because your judgement, whatever it is, comes from a place of fear.

Come take a seat next to me for a second… how does the Priestess view this?

As a witness. Simply observing. Taking it all in.

We don’t have loo roll so we bought tissues.

Ostara’s swimming class got cancelled this weekend so we’ll do something else.

We wash our hands more regularly so I’ve made it a meditative practice.

We’re more compassionate towards people because we honour the humanness that grips them.

We will likely benefit financially as business costs are cut and interest rates decrease.

We may lose clients. We may gain clients. We may lose money. We may gain money.

None of it matters. It’s all just an illusion anyway. One I can’t subscribe to, because it’s my job to stay neutral and see the world for what it actually is… an energetic experiment.

So… it’s a wake up call. To move away from fear. To think independently. To TRY embody what it is to be the leader of your own life, instead of being the sheep you perhaps have been your whole life.

This isn’t a call to mastery. This is call to try.

The most compassionate thing you can do for yourself right now, is to think independently for yourself. Turn off the news. Turn off your phone. Turn off the opinions of everyone around you… and ask yourself… if you know the Universe to be all wise and all loving, what is this pandemic trying to teach humanity? And what can you personally learn from this, about your Soul self, and about the Universe?


What I can absolutely 100% guarantee for you, is that when you listen to your Soul instead of the chaos around you, there is a huge blessing waiting for you in all of this… one that is entirely unique to you. And so is the beauty and magnificence of our Universe.

I’m sorry our governments and public services are struggling, but I’m no more sorry about that than I am about the Planet, which is also struggling.

I’m sorry some people are working to the point of exhaustion to do what they can to help, but I’m no more sorry about that than I am everyone else who works their asses off without media coverage.

I’m sorry some people don’t have loo roll… Other people don’t have clean water. Deal with your shit. Literally.

I’m sorry people are dying, but I’m no more sorry that people are dying from Corona than I am people who are dying from anything else.

Death is inevitable. But Fear doesn’t have to be. 

Now I think it’s probably time you learned to do life and business the Priestess way. Book in a call and let’s see how we can transition your reality from one of fear to one of abundance.

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March 13, 2020