Having It All (Champagne & Nappies / Diapers)

Champagne & Nappies (diapers to my US readers)

This has literally been my life since baby girl made her entrance into the world on October 30th 2018

Ostara Joyannie Hale-James

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine you’d be as perfect and powerful as you are

My tiny little Priestess who has me racing for the champagne fridge every evening once you’ve fallen asleep ?

Now I understand why my parents drink haha!

Momma life is hard work. Give me a business to run any day of the week, it’s way easier!

Nappies are new to me. Business is not. But Champagne has and always will be LIFE (particularly Verve Cliquot or Laurent Perrier Rose FYI).

And in the midst of the chaos that is being a mom, being an entrepreneur, being a life-changing business and mindset coach, and embodying my Priestess power 24/7, there is tranquility.

Somewhere in the madness of 3D human life, I always find serenity. 

Sometimes it exists at the bottom of champagne glass number two (or 3 or 4 let’s be honest), and sometimes it exists on my meditation cushion, but mostly these days, those moments exist in the in-betweens. 

The in-betweens are the seconds and minutes that are created as we shift gears throughout our day. From morning routine, to evening routine, between appointments, feeds, nappy changes, clients, and pauses to nourish myself, those in-between moments are a window to my presence, check points at which I can ensure I am embodying my Soul truth and flying full force towards my Soul Destiny. 

Consciousness at such a high level never used to be a part of my day to day reality, but it’s the most powerful gift I’ve bestowed upon myself since walking my spiritual path. 

It’s a gift I wish to bestow on you too, Soul Sister. 

Light Consciousness is a side effect of working with me in the Soul Sister Mastermind.

The goal is usually money, for most. The end result is always magic beyond your wildest dreams.

The journey of six months is transformational. You can expect to walk away a completely different woman with a completely different life. 

There is so much more to life than our routines, schedules, work, finances, and career. 

There’s even more to life than friends, and family, and relationships and all the #goals we stick all over the gram.

There’s the in-betweens. 

The breath taking moments of true Soul purpose, as you fly out the door of your house, hurrying to your next meeting or appointment, checking a million things of the to-do list in your head, and then just for a second you catch yourself, and smile, and think ‘holy fuck this is my life… and it’s everything i always wanted and more’

^^^ Those are the moments I desire for you, Soul Sister

Champagne, and nappies yes. But the moments that exist in between the human-ness of 3D reality. Those are the moments you’re ready for.

Learn more about the Soul Sister Mastermind and apply here:

>>> The Soul Sister Mastermind 2019 <<<

Applications closing soon. We start February 19th. 

My love always



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February 8, 2019