Have you been manipulated by “truth”?!

Coaching Industry Manipulation 101

You’ve probably noticed that the most successful coaches in our industry, are successful because they’ve really nailed their marketing, and mastered the way they convey their solutions to perceived problems through their choice of words, imagery, branding and social media.

If you have a solution to a problem and you know how to articulate that problem in a way that has people biting your hand off, then you’re going to be successful no matter what industry you’re in.

Which is great for the people who sell solutions to problems.

And great if people believe that YOUR solution will be the answer to THEIR problem.

But this is where I have a real problem with the coaching industry specifically. Like a real “awh hell no she didn’t” shake my head wag my finger raise my eyebrows kinda problem… and then get on my soap box about it problem…

Because SELF-development is about the SELF.

Which means there is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution to your very unique problem. And let’s be real, your problem is not a problem at all, because YOU are not a problem. YOU are perfect, and you do not need solving, certainly not by manipulative marketing which promises you the ‘how’ which will only ever work for the person selling it.

These solutions that are being sold, the “how to grow from 50k to 100k months”, the “how to sell without selling”, the “how to manifest a unicorn in your back yard” etc etc, there’s nothing wrong with them, and many of them are very powerful and can yield incredible results, but those results will never be as powerful for someone else as they are for the person who experienced the necessary journey it took for them to arrive at the solution they are now selling.

The fact that ANYONE is selling a one-size-fits-all solution is honestly really starting to get my back up. It’s inequality and unfair manipulation disguised as equality and heroism. 

The “hey look at the thing that works for me… now buy it from me because I guarantee it will work for you” is part truth and part lie which is why it’s so easy to fall for it. 

We feel the truth of it and so willingly ignore the false part in the hope that it might just work for us.

I wonder if any of the coaches doing this have the balls to admit they’re doing it. I wouldn’t be writing this email if I hadn’t admitted that I used to do it too. That takes some real shadow work right there…. to look at where you’re failing humanity. (Yep, that’s meant to sting).

I made you (and me) a promise at the start of this year that if I didn’t have anything original, authentic, and honest to share with you, then I wouldn’t share anything at all.

This is one of those moments.

I’m opting out of covert marketing and sales techniques and opting IN to being in absolute integrity and honesty with myself and with you. Always. It might make me less money, (actually it might make me more), but I’m not chasing money. I’m chasing the creation of a whole new paradigm and a better way of being for all of humanity.

SO, here’s what you can expect from me: 

I will share with you what I KNOW

I will share with you what I BELIEVE

I will share with you HOW I do what I do and WHY I do what I do

(Not because I have the solution but because these insights are gold. We are SUPPOSED to learn from each others being.)

I will share with you who I AM

Not because my way is the best way, not because I’m in any way superior to any one else, but because I stand for your freedom of being and the liberation of the chains that bind you to a story of “I’m not enough” or “I don’t know what I’m doing”.

Because those stories, my darling, are complete and utter bollocks.

I don’t want to be in those narratives, and I don’t want you to be in those narratives, because who are we in those narratives?!

We are small, retracted, diminished, contracted, repressed, suppressed, and sad…. babe, we’re sad.

It pains the heart to witness “I’m not good enough” within ourselves.

It hurts the Soul to hear “I don’t know what I’m doing” inside its brilliant mind.

It dims the Light behind our eyes to respond to a narrative of “she’s better than me”.

Stop, my darling, please stop. This is why you’re buying into part truths and part lies. 

You are more powerful than you know. More beautiful than you realise. And more knowledgable than you’ve ever dare imagine!

I will NEVER sell you into a course, a programme, or a container of mine by manipulating you. 

I see it happening. I’m fallen for it. I’ve even done it myself in the past (that took some admitting to myself).

I can’t continue to let it happen. Not in the sacred space I’ve created in my corner of the internet.

There is no magic strategy, or magic how, or magic anything that is suddenly going to create massive change in your life. 

It’s a compound effect of you consistently choosing to learn, grow, and evolve, and putting yourself in experiences that push the boundaries of your current reality. It’s a journey. Your personal journey is the one that yields results for you, not the journey of someone else’s experience, although those reflections and insights are gold for assisting in the collapsing of time and the quantum leaps.

I can, and do, provide those spaces, but you come on your own self-leadership. Not because I’ve scared or manipulated you into thinking “THIS” is the thing.

It MIGHT be the thing that tips you over the edge into your next level, or your next chapter, but that’s not because of me, that’s because of you.

I will share with you what I KNOW. Something I know might be the missing piece of knowing for you.

I will share with you what I BELIEVE. Something I believe might reflect to you a belief you’re also ready to step into and claim as yours.

I will share with you who I AM. So you can see yourself in me, and I in you.

We are the same you and I. Equal, yet unique. 

What I will say is this…. everything I teach and share, I do so from a place of absolute grounded faith and belief in everything I do for you, I do for me too. Nothing I teach is hype or fluff or B.S. I LIVE what I teach.

And you see it working for me. You see me head over heels obsessed in love with what I live and teach. You see the passion when I slip into channel and spirit moves through me, dropping wisdom in real time that even I’ve never heard before. It’s magical for both of us!

THIS is what activates you to come work with me. Not because I’m promising you the “how” or waving a mysterious “missing piece” in your face.  You’re not coming in to this space from a place of lack or scarcity, but rather from a place of excitement, curiosity, and energetic activation.

Yes, what I teach and share is VERY VERY different to everyone else out there, but you want different, you want to BE different, and that’s why you’re here. 

SO… a reminder on what I do live, breathe, teach, and embody as MY truth, belief, and “success formula” (insert eye roll but really don’t have a better word for it lol, it works for me!)

Energetic Intelligence – specifically the knowledge of the 10 Energy Bodies as the energy that makes up your Quantum Field (we are not just Souls within bodies, and there is way more to us than an aura and a third eye… way more!). When you understand that energy flows from Source / Universe / God, through our Souls, and the gateways and filters of our 10 energy bodies before it reaches actual manifestation, then you get a really strong handle on how to master your own energy and energetic flow. If you’ve ever been in to energy mastery or even the Law of Attraction as a tool for manifesting, this will literally blow your mind, and blow the lid off everything you previously thought you knew about energy, manifesting, and even yourself. Energetic Intelligence is deep self-knowing and trusting at a whole new level!

Queening – specifically the art and energetics of self-leadership, mixed in with the strategies, tools, mindsets and beliefs I use and implement to navigate my way through building & growing my several businesses, and also to navigate my way through life. The Queen Collection also includes masterclasses on money, relationships, love, channelling, womb work, creation, expression, expansion and so much more. Queening is how we redefine the archetype of what it is to be a woman in the modern world.

Money – bringing the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth is my Soul mission. My work with money spans money mindset, money consciousness, money energetics and financial strategy in life & business in a practical sense. I launch multiple courses throughout the year which focus on all different aspects of money, money flow, money manifestation, money relationships, richness, wealth, and abundance in its truest sense which is the balance of both spiritual and material wealth, because one without the other does not a rich life make!

Universal Law – the purest essence of my Soul and Soul mission poured into a unique course I downloaded direct from Source back in 2017 when I initiated as a Priestess. The 11 Universal Laws blew everything I previously knew and practiced about the Law of Attraction out of the window. Everything I thought I knew about money was quickly replaced by the Law of Abundance, and everything about manifesting replaced by the Law of Expansion, and the Law of Co-Creation. Spirit went on to share with me Laws which completely redefined the way I witnessed and experienced life, how I understood and had a relationship with both life, and with God / Source / Universe, and to this day, the 11 Universal Laws are the underpinning of all my work. These are the laws I live, love and learn by.

Priestessing – being a Priestess, embodying my service to others on this planet, and also training other Priestesses into the craft should they wish to become initiates in this ancient and sacred lineage of powerful change-making women. I train very few Priestesses, it’s work you really have to be called to, and in the modern world it also requires business smarts and a strong heart. The weight we bear as Priestesses is the definition of duality. We are sacred servants to all who live & breathe on our Planet. My work as a Priestess also includes my work as a numerologist, and training & certifying those who wish to become numerologists, plus teaching various Priestess skills across many of my containers & programmes.

Business – specifically everything, and strategically nothing. I stand by something I said earlier this year… business isn’t hard. I’ve been building and growing businesses for 15 years so my experience in a huge variety of industries is abundant! Business strategy naturally weaves its way into all of my containers and programmes because it’s such effortless easy teachings for me. Business strategy isn’t something I want to “sell” because it doesn’t light me up in the same way my other content does. It’s not unique enough to activate my creative inquisitive mind, BUT it is a topic that elegantly compliments all my other teachings and trainings. I speak specifically to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs when I teach, on the assumption that business is what you’re in, or where you’re headed.

All of that to say, if you’re called to work with me, these are the doors I have open right now:

>>> The Queen Collection & Mama Queen if you’re called to step into your Queen Power this year <<<

>>> M.O.R.E. is where you want to be for Energetic Intelligence and the 10 Energy Body work <<<

>>> The Fire of Liberation Bundle if you want to immerse yourself in several topics at once (highly recommend this approach) <<<

And, if you’d like to step into a mastermind experience with me this year, you have two options:

>>> Quantum (2 spaces left) <<< for entrepreneurs in the early stages of business, having not yet cracked 5k months

>>> Priestess Paradigm (3 spaces left) <<< Not business specific so it does’t matter how far along your business is as long as you can fund the investment. The call here is for women who wish to experience Priestess training (even if you decide not to initiate) whilst simultaneously building and creating a whole new paradigm which defies the realms of normal and expected. Paradigm work is time-defying, rule-breaking, mind-bending work for the woman who is ready to go all in on creating a life that exists way outside the bounds of what has previously been possible. Paradigm also includes access to all of my courses & programmes for 12 months.

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Remember, YOU are the magic, not the solutions you buy.

My love always


p.s. my foundational course, the 11 Universal Laws, can be purchased here for £44