Haters, Shammers & Copy Cats

I’m not holding back this morning . I’ve got shit to say. 

As my ‘popularity’ has grown on the internet, I’ve manifested a little more than I bargained for. All necessary, of course, but not anticipated. 

To clarify, I never became a coach, or followed my initiation and calling through to Priestesshood, to be popular.

Frankly I couldn’t give a shit about being popular.

I was hated in school. Bullied from age 7 to 17. And I’m so grateful to every single one of them. They kept me focused on me, on chasing and winning my dreams.

So suddenly becoming ‘insta famous’ and ‘Facebook famous’ was a nice little bonus for being a seriously kick-ass, life-changing, energy-blasting, coach and Priestess.

Thank you I’ll take it.

But what I won’t take is haters, shammers, and copy-cats. If you’ve been reading my emails over the last few weeks, you’ll have seen the likes of Annie Ferrera and the rest who were commenting on my Facebook ads with the following:

You can read all the comments on the post here, it’s better than an episode of Jeremy Kyle! (and of course watch the video because there’s some epic free knowledge I’m serving up)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you will also know I name and shame the keyboard warriors. I’m absolutely sick to death of narrow-minded, judgemental, negative crap being spewed all over the internet. And perhaps you’ll call me judgemental for making that observation. I’m a Priestess. I’m not perfect. You’re welcome. 

There’s one thing that gets me more than haters and shammers though, and it’s copy cats.

Look, the coaching industry is booming. If you’re coaching, congratulations. If you’re an aspiring coach, congratulations… stop sitting on the elfin’ fence and start coaching!

If you’re a healer, a reader, a psychic, a clairvoyant, a medium, a shaman, or something else of the spiritual contributory conscious inclination, do me a favour… start charging what you’re worth.

£60 for an energy healing is not cool. You’re worth a LOT more. 

You guys do realise that the world is going to be begging for your service this year when the shit hits the fan? Mark my words. You read it here first. And you are NOT going to be able to do your job properly if your energetic money and value exchange is out of whack. This isn’t about taking advantage of a situation in which you will be called into full service, it’s about ensuring you are fully filled up and abundantly supported so you can deliver your service at the highest and most transformational levels. 

I digress.

My original point was this… there’s a lot of coaches out there. And that’s actually a good thing. I don’t subscribe to the notion of competition. There’s 7.9 billion people on the planet for pities sake. A few 100,000 coaches and healers doesn’t even scratch the surface of the work that needs to be done to bring humanity into full consciousness. 


So why the f**k does anyone feel the need to copy someone else?!

You are original! You are unique. The grand design decided it needed you here to contribute. The energy of the world manifested you into existence. Because it wanted your thoughts, ideas, passion, viewpoint, and your Soul work!

This week I have witnessed one of my one mentors, and one of my old clients, paraphrasing me. 

Paraphrasing is generous. They may as well have just damn quoted me. Without credit.

I’ll take it as a compliment. For now.

(Side note: this is not an invitation for anyone else to copy me… my work is copyrighted. There are consequences.)

When I see someone copying me, it makes me sad. And I wanted this to be a lesson to everyone, because it’s not the first time I’ve witnessed it.

You are enough.

Your ideas are worthy. Valuable.

Your experience is entirely unique, and it’s your personal life experience which makes you the best kind of healer – the kind of healer who can heal from a place of empathy and reference, whatever your healing modality is. To be a healer you don’t have to be a coach or a shaman. You can be a beautician, a film maker, an author, a speaker, a nurse, a teacher… you can even have a 9-5 job!

The whole point of LIFE itself is to contribute to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the planet for the greatest highest good of all – Harriette Hale COPYRIGHT 2015 – 2019

You can contribute through ANY means, just so long as you are doing life (and business / career / job / project) with conscious responsibility.

Recognising and honouring your story is the beginning of your contribution and your Soul work.

Sharing your story is the next step. And honouring all of your experiences and working them into conscious lessons moving forward is how you continue to grow and expand into your Soul work.

If ever you find yourself copying someone else, just stop and ask, “is this my Soul work I’m delivering, or someone else’s?”

Someone else’s Soul work will never fill you up as much as your own does, so ultimately won’t be rewarded with level of abundance you actually deserve… the abundance you receive in exchange for your authenticity and presence. 

I desire for you to step into your Soul work.

I desire for you to receive abundant reward for being unapologetically yourself. 

I desire for your life and work to be effortlessly easy, joyful and fulfilling. 

I desire for everything you be, do and have to be expansive!

I desire for life to be everything you dreamed of and more.

I desire for you to honour your desires, and allow yourself to want what you want. 

When we move into a state of allowing, we don’t just allow the Universal manifestations in, we allow ourSELVES in.

A full re-entry into self is the most powerful homecoming to remembrance.

And when you remember what you’re here to do, the rest is a piece of cake. Almost. We still get to be human. But you learn that that bit gets to be fun too.

This is what I call Light Consciousness

Don’t be a second rate version of someone else. It’s time to be who you are.

Come play in the Light and expand into your full SOUL SELF.

My love always



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February 9, 2019