Has This Ever Happened To You?

There’s something that happens to a woman when her Light is dimmed or switched off completely.

Sometimes it’s a momentary flickering, sometimes it’s a total switch off for longer than is comfortable.

When it happens we get sad, frustrated, angry, nothing seems to “work”. We blame & shame ourselves, looping back to old narratives that we’re doing something wrong or that we’re not good enough.

And then, with time, something seemingly miraculous happens… the light comes back on and we seem to “work” again, and we have the biggest exhale and sigh of relief of “omg thank god”.

Until inevitably it stops working. WE stop working. At least that’s how it feels. What used to work doesn’t work anymore and so the cycle continues.

The light flickers… for an indefinite amount of time.

It’s like the internal energy circuits just can’t keep that light on.

But what if we could…

>>> The Turn ON <<<

^^^ Pre-sale vibes, you know how this works by now, super super early bird pre-sale prices go up very quickly. This one will too, as it moves me to. £200 PIF or £55 x 4 weekly.

I Love you! We can do this.

Harriette x