Harriette’s Predictions for 2021

Happy New Year Angels

I know many of you breathe a sign of relief to leave 2020 behind, and equally look to 2021 with apprehension… what will become of this “new lockdown lifestyle” that has swept the globe and defined 2020 for us?

If you recall my predictions for 2020, I anticipated silence, space, a huge energy of judgement, towards ourselves, and others, through which we’d define new relationships with our Truth and the Truth of others, and most importantly the need for Selfless Service. All of these energies are contained in what I called a 4 year. I also received a message from my Spirit Team to cancel all my travel plans. I assumed they wanted me to nurture my UK audience, rather than my global audience. Not once did I see or anticipate a virus, a vaccine, or the never-ending lockdowns.

This time last year I was full of hope for my best year yet, and never thought to ask about the darker energies.

This year however, not only has my gift accelerated exponentially in the last 12 months, I’ve dared to ask the questions I knew I wouldn’t like the answers to. 

So what lays in store for us, 2021?

First up, it’s a 5 year, which holds the energy of the physical body, learning & teaching, healing, health, communication and Truth. 

The words that follow in quote marks are the direct words of Source, followed by my more slightly-human interpretation and guidance.

“Holistic health has to be a priority. Sickness can’t survive in clean healthy bodies. All that is Divine must be embodied in the physical body. There is no other way to survive.”

Source requires us to clean up our bodies, minds, hearts, Souls, stories, thoughts, behaviours, decisions and actions, to free ourselves from the darker negative vibrations that make themselves so at home in the human vessel. The reason why will become clear, but take this as your first invitation to reassess what you put in to your body, what you absorb into your mind, and what you allow in to your heart and Soul. 

Is it perhaps time to look at your diet? Not to diet (I would never promote anything restrictive, nor offer nutritional advice as I’m not qualified to do so), but to nourish your body with healthier vibrations. Many of us will have indulged a little over Christmas and there’s no harm in that whatsoever, we can even continue to indulge, as long as it’s in good health. In my personal experience over the years, I’ve found alcohol, sugar, caffeine, processed foods, dairy, and all meat to severely affect my vibration. I do however still eat fish, but will consciously look at this in light of this new guidance from Source. I’d encourage you to look at your own intake with fresh eyes and an air of conscious curiosity and intention to raise the vibration of your physical flesh body. 

Also consider other ways negative vibrations can get into your body, through chemical products (suncream contents can be quite alarming), chemical pain relief and medications rather than the natural or more holistic alternatives, exposure to fumes & pollution, tap water, toothpaste, and even the source of your “fresh produce”. If you’re able to source fruit and veg locally and organically then do it!

As for your mind, what are you letting in on a daily basis? Is it time to detox from the news, unfollow certain accounts on social media, reduce your screen time altogether, take up reading rather than Netflix binging, consider a self-study course, or a new yoga class to calm your mind?

Finally, your heart & Soul. The easiest ways for negative vibrations to infiltrate your Sacred Self is through other people. I encourage you to form strong boundaries with those who have proved to lower your vibe rather than lift it. It may feel a little brutal to start decluttering your people list or consciously choosing who you spend more and less time with, but you will soon see WHY it is so important we clean up our energy fully and completely.

“War is coming, but you must see it for what it is. Is it war on the body, on the self, on the internal spirit. Humanity hasn’t yet identified its true enemy. You must help them identify the real enemy:


We hurt each other because we hurt ourselves.”

Clients in my inner circle have heard me talk about War for many months. Source have been repeatedly telling me since August 2020 that war was coming in 2021. Yesterday, they didn’t speak any further on the physical war and the revolution we will surely see, but instead referenced this inner war we wage on ourselves and each other. Most of us have spent our whole adult lives identifying external enemies, without stopping to consider that we might in fact be our own enemy.

“The vaccine won’t solve anything, it will just prolong the problem. It’s a 3D attempt to fix a 5D problem.

People are queuing up for death. Voluntarily. You must let them go, they have already surrendered to this world.”

More will become clear on the issue of the virus and the vaccine as we get to the end of these messages, but Source showed me that those with unhealthy minds, bodies, and Spirits are already uncomfortable in this world and would prefer to leave. They have invited the negative energies in voluntarily, and do not wish to change their energetic state. They would rather become victim to this virus, or any other disease as a means of passage, than to clean up their vibrational state. Some are beyond the weight of their conditioning, where the conditioned state is more comfortable than the choice to change. I find it interesting to note that those who appear to be in “good health” do not necessarily hold good vibrations and are just as susceptible to sickness as a stereotypically “unhealthy person”, because sickness isn’t just physical, it can also be emotional, relational, energetic, and spiritual. Our perspective of “good health” has been very limited to the definitions of western medicine and the physical body, so it’s important we extend this notion of “health” into the intangible aspects of our human experience. 

To conclude and give impossibly clear direction and predictions:

“The lockdowns won’t end. 

Businesses will have to be conducted online. 

Virtual living is forcing us to disperse more equally across the Planet into our own space.

Space to breath, to heal, to listen, and to cleanse ourselves. 

Judgement day has come (the whole of 2020 was judgement day).

We must re-learn, heal the physical body, and as we learn and heal, we teach. 

For humanity to rid itself of its own virus it must re-educate itself.”

A part of this cleansing and healing seems to require the need to change or evolve how we communicate and share with each other:

“We’re all broken underneath. We don’t share our vulnerabilities and “shame” for fear of looking weak, oversharing, or washing our dirty laundry in public. But light shines brighter through the collective cracks.”

This really stood out for me, as someone who claims (and believes) to share what I share in absolute honesty and transparency, I have often found myself NOT sharing things for fear of it not being “appropriate”, but again this is something I will consciously look at this year. We’re all aware of the ‘perfection filter’ of social media life, where so little of reality is actually reflected, and I believe many of us have made a more conscious effort to share the not-so-shiny aspects of life and business, but I wonder if we can do this more? Light shines brighter through the collective cracks, and we really do need that Light to shine to heal and cleanse us all. 

They continued with some alarming imagery:

“This year we will see riots in the street, and anarchy. It will feel apocalyptic. Mass hysteria worldwide. 

And then silence, eery deathly silence. 

Those who will remain will have yet another trauma to heal and rebirth from. 

Hiding from the virus won’t make it go away. It will find ways to survive until we all come out of hiding, and then attack us.

They will try to create drama but we will still know it’s false news, at least in Q1.

Something will be revealed in April / Q2.

From that point there are options. There will be a world changing event broadcast globally in July / Q3.

That’s when the eery silence will come. The wake up call. The realisation. Extinction.

Fight for new beginnings, for reform. The hands of power have done enough damage. 

Viruses are not man made. They are humanity made. Humanity IS a virus.

There exists on earth a god complex amongst powerful individuals. 

The powers that created this virus have create something they can’t defeat. 

“They” are living in fear of their own creation and they will be destroyed by it.

If we stay free from fear, in the Light, in consciousness, we won’t be affected. 

Ironically, the vaccine will create a false sense of security in some, enough to reduce the presence of fear and therefore immunise them from destruction.

Note: Viruses attack weak points in the body to dim the Light. Weak points such as fear.

Do not be fooled, masks, social distancing & a vaccine will not protect against this virus, but a clean body, mind, heart & soul will not be impacted by anything borne of darker energies. 

As the power self-destructs it will take large parts of the population with it but only those Souls who have already decided to leave and are already riddled with darker energies and fear. 

No death is unexpected or untimely. It’s all part of the Divine Balance.”

This particular epilogue, although long, hopefully summarises and reiterates the importance of cleaning up every aspect of our presence here on Earth this year.

I understand from Source that viruses are man-made, but not perhaps in the way I’d understood previously, i.e. in laboratories. It is the “sickness” within us, the negative energies, which creates a breeding ground for viruses to be born and mutate. They are not naturally occurring like bacteria in nature, but it is humanity’s ill-intent and disconnect from Source (all positive Love vibrations) that has led to the creation of this and all viruses, whether in a lab or otherwise. A virus attacks the weak points in the human vessel in order to feed off the “light” or goodness of the individual. We understand now these weak points can be physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual.

This particular virus that we face in 2020, 2021, and even 2022, I believe to have been created, but not with the vision it now presents on Planet Earth. “They” have essentially created their own Frankenstein, and the measures we’ve seen through 2020, such as lockdowns that don’t make sense, and rushed vaccines, are frantic attempts to reverse and prevent a damage unintended.

I still stand by the downloads of March 2020 in which it was made clear Divinity has had a hand in all this, and I understand further now that “they” is not a group of particularly evil people, but rather “they” includes all of us, and all the negative vibrations we’ve contributed to this Planet since our incarnation. We have a responsibility to reverse the damage we’ve played a hand in creating, starting first with our bodies, hearts, minds and Souls. Then we can move on to undoing the damage we’ve created in our local communities, national, international, and global communities, but this is very much the vibe of 2022. 2021 is a personal health & self-re-education journey.

2021 can be a new beginning, in fact is must be… a new beginning of health, cleansing, and radical responsibility for our thoughts, behaviours, decisions and actions, towards ourselves, others, and the Planet.

Where do you need to “clean up”?

Other messages I received in the middle of all this, which I feel important to share, although not necessary virus & lockdown related:

“A Global Perspective:

Africa will burn first. 

Something will cause a huge tidal-wave that will hit unsuspecting shores. Perhaps East Coast USA via the Atlantic. 

Something in the water will infect America like a toxic mould. 

The same heat that took Africa will spread up the west coast of India. 

Australia is sinking, being sucked back down its own plug hole. 

The far east has already achieved obedience. 

Electro magnetic activity of the Earth will change. 

A bug crawler in space (no idea if we send it or we find it)

There’s an element of human free will. All that we share won’t necessarily come true. You know how 7D manifestation works. You and they have the power to change things. But some things are certain:

Fires will scorch the earth, including the fires that burn inside. 

Human anger and vengeance can burn and kill just like real fire. 

Air and water will soothe the land and hold the Peace.”

So whilst much of this may sound ominous on first read, none of it is definite.

We have the power to change things through our own free will, and if we desire to prevent the world from burning, we must first extinguish the flames we fan internally, the ones that cause us pain, and cause us to inflict pain on others. Anger and vengeance are weapons which are leading us into war. War on ourselves and each other. 

On that note, I’m making a personal promise to stop directing my frustration at those who fear the virus, as my frustration and persistent propaganda makes me just as harsh a weapon as the enemy I’ve identified in mainstream media and our world leaders. A war cannot be won with weapons, but fear does retreat from the Light.

Beyond 2021, I see the following:

2022 – The Year of 6, of Recovery, Balance, Community & Vision

2023 – The Year of 7, when we will build again

2024 – The Year of 8… The Year of Abundance

So we have much to look forward to it, and much to look forward to this year too. 2021 and all its predictions doesn’t need to stop you having your best year yet, in fact, in spite of everything I’ve shared yet, I believe if we do follow Source guidance, we WILL have our best year yet.

So “cleaning up your act” might not have many of you jumping for joy, but if that is what is required to keep you virus free, disease free, and negative vibration free, then why wouldn’t you?

We already know the flow of abundance opens effortlessly when we rid ourselves of blocks… blocks are formed of negative energy… so get to cleansing my darling, and I think you’ll find you end the year with more than just a healthy body & mind, but healthier relationships, a healthier bank balance, and a healthier spiritual understanding and practice that elevates you to your next level with ease and Grace.

This of course, is the Priestess way.

Now, I would never recommend you attempt to do this work completely solo. Get yourself in a conscious container of like minded Souls who can hold you accountable to your personal journey of health, whether you choose to focus on physical health, relationship health, energetic health, emotional health, mental health, financial health, spiritual health, or all of the above!

I’m aware of the desperate need for more Priestesses to lead this work, so I am opening a new kind of hybrid mastermind / Priestess training this year. Doors will close at the end of Jan, please get in touch before then if you want to discuss moving into my inner most circle. It’s a five figure investment, with payment plans if you so require.

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My love always

Harriette xxx


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January 2, 2021