Happy Samhain!


Happy Samhain!!


What are your All Hallows Eve/Full Moon plans? Yes, we have a Full Moon today as well, it’s almost as though the Universe WANTS you to leverage it’s guidance! ?

I’m going to be snuggled up today, pulling a few cards, having a good old chinwag with Spirit, cracking out my favourite candles and soaking up the energy.

Probably sounds pretty similar to what a lot of you are doing…

The veil is at it’s thinnest

The Moon is full and ready to release

The guidance, the letting go, the dreaming, the surrendering; it’s all yours for the taking right now. 

My question is, are you going to listen to it or are you going to spend this sacred day bypassing the messages that are coming through LOUD AND CLEAR.


So many of you are telling me your guides have told you M.O.R.E is where you need to be. That you’re more pulled to this than you’ve ever been to anything before. That every time you tune in, it’s clear that this opportunity was meant for you.

You know that guidance is there to be followed right? Not just as a badge of honour for proving how witchy you can get on the witchiest day of the year.


Your Soul, your Higher Self, your Spirit Team and whoever else happens to be knockin’ about for you want a break, let them have a night off and sign up already. 


I appreciate I’m being extremely tongue in cheek here but honestly, the doors are closing on Tuesday and I’m over pandering to your ego. I want a break too.


I know you’re scared to follow your Soul. I know all the Earthly worries come in to tell you why it’s not a good idea and your inner voice is living in La La Land where she doesn’t have to worry about bills and schedules and bedtimes and if Season 4 of The Crown has a release date yet, but let me tell you something as you parade around in your spirituality today…


It’s listening to and following what that voice says that opens to the doors to literal magic. 

That’s the advantage to living in La La Land – you can actually see beyond the bills and the schedules and the bedtimes and whether or The Bold Type is on UK release yet (I haven’t gone out a lot this year). You Soul sees beyond ALL of this.

She sees the end result. She sees how you get there and all the fun you’re gonna have along the way. She knows what’s about to unfold for you and she knows what life is going to look like when you start listening to her.


Let her take the lead, trust her. Use the Full Moon to release those fears, call in the power of your Guides whilst the veil is so thin and ACT on their advice.

<< Give yourself, and them, a Samhain treat and sign up to M.O.R.E here >> 


All my love,



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October 31, 2020