Happy Samhain… live in a parallel Universe


I don’t celebrate Halloween (the commercialised version), but I do honour Samhain, when the veil between worlds thins and beings from the other side come to visit.

If I’m honest I’ve had a foot in the other side for the last week, and tonight the messages are clearer than ever:

Life / Your Experience / This Reality … it’s whatever you want it to be. 

Scientifically, you could say ‘it’ (life / your reality) is down to your perception. Strategically, you could say it’s a consequence of your actions & experiences in life so far. Spiritually, you could say it’s Destiny.

But truly, it’s whatever you want it to be.

For me, tonight is all about being with Spirit. Normally I’d be out partying and showcasing my inner witch to the world, dangling voodoo dolls at the Patriarchy, and epitomising all that it is to be truly fearless.

But this year feels different. It’s a little more introspective. Thank you New Moon in Scorpio for that little twist. Well played Universe.

As I write this to you, I’m fully aware of the whispers around me, uttering guidance and granting wishes.

Yes babe, I hear things. And see things. I’ve been seeing new ‘shadows’ for weeks. I even batted one away whilst in the hair salon last week much to Stephen’s amusement because he couldn’t see a damn thing lol!

I’ve become truly Astral in the sense that I’m aware of the aspects of myself that are living in a parallel Universe, whilst I’m maintaining my current reality with you guys. Spooky right?

There’s a whole new download I’ve received about Upper Limiting which I’m dying to share with you , but I’ll make sure Mastery of Upper Limiting appears as a training in the School of Mastery at some point. It truly is an art form!

Just to give you a tiny insight into my current launch (fellow business owners, you’ll really appreciate this):

  • Currently the easiest and most effortless launch of my career
  • By far the most profitable launch of my career
  • Haven’t felt stressed at all, or gone into hustle mode even once
  • Celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday mid-launch
  • Taken 4 out of 8 days off throughout the launch
  • Basically worked part time and let the Universe and my awesome team make the magic happen
  • Bought a new car

BUT in the time the cart has been open…

  • Alfie, my beloved house-cat went missing whilst I was stuck at the wrong end of the country, powerless to help
  • I’m currently battling some skin suit malfunctions which are giving me some rather unpleasant symptoms
  • I’ve had a total meltdown to Stephen about whether he loves me or not (poor guy can’t do enough to prove he’s head over heels)
  • We’ve had a huge family upheaval about an issue from the past that surfaced rather unexpectedly, causing trauma all round
  • My ego had an absolute field day trying to take down my Priestess crown
  • People on the internet have bashed me, shamed me, judged me, and one guy even suggested I wrap my legs around his head (classy dude)
  • I’ve had an administration nightmare trying to purchase my new car (which has now thankfully been resolved and I can’t wait to show you guys)

So, as many of you know, all of this would typically have been diagnosed as ‘classic upper limiting’. 

BUT, as I’ve spent so much of the last week with a foot in a parallel Universe, I understand this to be something entirely different, and it’s really god damn cool. I can’t wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, let me tell you this… the veils between worlds is thinner than it’s ever been tonight. 

If there’s something you’ve given up hope on recently***, that you really desire for yourself, ask for it. Really really ask for it. Say it out loud, think it in your head, feel it in your heart, and even write it down.

And then HAND IT OVER. Let the Spirits take it from you. They WILL deliver. But please let go of control. Even say “if it’s not meant to happen that’s OK, it’s all happening for my highest greatest good”. And then really honestly truly, try and forget about it. 

Let the magic happen. This is just the start of how to live in a parallel Universe, and bypass upper limiting for good.

I’ll teach you the rest inside the School of Mastery. Speaking of which… we are now 28 hours away from closing the doors!

See you in class?!

>>> All the information you need and the registration form here. It’s £29 <<<

My love always


*** p.s. please note… for this to work as powerfully as I desire for you, please ask for something you’ve recently given up hope on, something that has been rattling around your head, or weighing heavy on your heart… it won’t work as well if you’re asking for something entirely new that hasn’t been in your energy recently


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October 31, 2019