Happy Emotional Independence Day!

I need to mix this up a little, I know it’s International Women’s Day but can I pre-emptively celebrate something EVEN MORE POWERFUL with you?

… your Emotional Independence!

Wanna know one of the things that makes a womxn so freaking powerful…. her capacity to FEEL. 

Emotions are our internal guidance system. Listening to them, leveraging them, alchemising them, is Divine Feminine MAGIC. There really is no better way to describe the limitless power of emotions, especially those felt by womxn.


Emotional energy has no allegiances. No affinity. No biases. It does not take sides. 

Emotions can tear us down as quickly as they can build us up.

Ever had a whole day diminish in front of your eyes because something stirred up your emotions and spiralled you?

Ever been plagued by thoughts and emotions for weeks on end as they hover like dark clouds over your head threatening to batter you completely?

Ever had the emotions of others projected at you with such force it leaves you startled and knocked out of alignment?

Emotions are POWERFUL. 

But there’s a greater power we can access, as both men and womxn… emotional independence. 

I describe emotional independence like this:

The power to choose to transcend emotional binds when they threaten to reduce our power rather than enhance our power.

It’s the power BEYOND emotional power.

It’s not numbing out. It’s not dismissal or deflection. It’s Commanding Your Goddamn Queendom. 

When you let the power of emotions tear you down rather than build you up, you’re forgetting who you are. 

You’re forgetting the power you can yield as a womxn. You are not a victim of your emotional power. You’re the COMMANDER. Reign over your emotions my darling. They exist WITHIN your Queendom. They do not get to take your power from you. 

You get to have it all. Everything you desire. Negative emotions get to convince you otherwise.

Picture yourself as an actual Queen for a second… with a Queendom to command. You have your close council of advisors… what do you do with the one who attempts to defile your reign and your power? OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!

The emotions that wield power over you are no different. You get to claim your emotional independence.

You are a goddamn Queen and this is your Queendom!

♛ You are abundantly supported by everyone around you. No one is an exception.
♛ You are a master manifestor and you can do it with lightning speed.
♛ You are a boss at delegating, calling in the help you need, and receiving it with Grace.
♛ You radiate in your fucking PJs and no make up.
♛ Your intuition is razor sharp and on point every single time.
♛ You BOSS at life, at business, at mothering, at loving, at leading.

Now it’s time to EMBODY these truths, here’s how we’re going to do that…

Saturday 13th March. 5pm – 7pm UK time.

Join me for 2 hours as I walk you through the practical, metaphysical, and emotional tools required for you to Command Your Queendom, and celebrate your emotional independence from all that threatens to take your power from you!

If you can’t attend live, don’t worry, lifetime replays will be available for all who enrol so you can watch repeatedly from your throne room 😉

>>> Sign up for Command Your Queendom HERE & celebrate yourself today <<<

My love always