Goddess Magic Resurrected In Time For The Full Moon

On Friday evening I held a beautiful ceremony in London, the first of my Goddess Circle in person events, in which I took 15 women on a journey of release, discovery, and desire. 

The energy was so magical I had an instant urging to share it with all of you, followed by mild frustration as I realised flying all over the world to see all of you is not as easy as it once was (I now have a two month old baby), and actually… last time I flew all around the world to see you guys in person, I covered 17 cities in 6 weeks and swore blind I’d never do it again!

But, knowing me, I will do another world tour again at some point, and will probably have another baby… wow I’m a sucker for punishment! Ha!

Anyway, discussion for another time!

It’s a beautiful Sunday evening and I’m contemplating my Full Moon wishes in preparation for tomorrow and truly fully wholly desiring more conscious relationships in my life. More connection, more community, more sharing, more giving and receiving. 

Just more of that sacred space and sanctuary we sat in on Friday night. 

So I felt called to share something with you. Something from my archives. 

Last year, on the Blue Moon, I held a virtual Goddess Circle, with almost 200 women in attendance (I think I’ve remembered that correctly) in which I channeled the Goddess Isis and invited all in attendance to dance around the sacred flames through guided meditation. It was truly one of the most powerful experiences of my Priestess-hood to date, and I would love more of you to witness the Divine Feminine grace in yourselves through ceremony. 

My intention for the evening was this:

Connecting Women To Their Divine Power through accessing the ancient knowledge and magic of times gone by. In this two hour workshop, as Priestess of Light, I will connect you to your higher selves, your highest truth, your soul purpose and life path.

Connecting to your truth, and your galactic gifts moves you into a vibration of magic. From this vibration we wield the power of the Goddess, and mesh her magic into all aspects of our lives.

Whatever you seek to co-create with Universe in this coming moon cycle can, and will, be activated on the eve of the Full Moon.

Together we will dance around the metaphorical fire, burning all that does not serve us, and lighting a new path of freedom, fun, and Divine Femininity.

Come prepared to hear stories, receive gifts, witness magic, connect with your ancestry, meet your Soul Sisters, and rise together as we lift the planet into a new vibration. The vibration of the Goddess.

And that is EXACTLY what happened!

So I’ve pulled the magic from the archives and I’m making it available to you guys again, just in time for the Full Moon!

I urge you to dedicate two hours of your life to dance with the Goddess and call in all of your wishes and dreams for this year, on the first Full Moon of 2019. 

>>> Enter The Vibration Of The Goddess <<<

Holding you in your strength and power as you journey through this sacred space. 

My love always



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January 30, 2019