The Goddess Gift Workshop


Tuesday 30th January – 7.30pm GMT


Connecting Women To Their Divine Power through accessing the ancient knowledge and magic of times gone by. In this two hour workshop, as Priestess of Light, I will connect you to your higher selves, your highest truth, your soul purpose and life path.

Connecting to your truth, and your galactic gifts moves you into a vibration of magic. From this vibration we wield the power of the Goddess, and mesh her magic into all aspects of our lives.

Whatever you seek to co-create with Universe in this coming moon cycle can, and will, be activated on the eve of the Blue Moon.

Together we will dance around the metaphorical fire, burning all that does not serve us, and lighting a new path of freedom, fun, and Divine Femininity.

Come prepared to hear stories, receive gifts, witness magic, connect with your ancestry, meet your Soul Sisters, and rise together as we lift the planet into a new vibration. The vibration of the Goddess.

NOTE: There will NOT be a replay (not for free anyway). If you wish to receive the Goddess Gift you must attend live!

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