Gifts from the past and the future

Think back on this past week. Zoom out. Just for a minute, take a look at the events of the last week as though they happened to someone else. Let go of your feelings and opinions of how this past week unfolded for you and see it through the eyes of someone who doesn’t know you, simply witnessing with curiosity. Be your own people watcher for just a moment. 

What do you notice? 

You might feel your own judgements creeping in, that’s ok, but can you step out once more? Return to that no mans land of nothing but quiet perception? 

Perhaps you notice how much action you’ve really taken this week, despite beating yourself up for not being as far along as you want. 
Maybe you notice your self talk has been a little critical, even though you’ve done nothing that warrants criticism. 
Quite possibly, you see someone blessed by mostly moments of happiness, joy and success, but fiercely rejecting the moments of fear, anger or sadness when they do crop up. 
Or maybe you watch your daily rituals play out via mindset hacks and spiritual practice and content consumption and note a lack of balance with practical action you’d previously not seen. 

This is what happens when we become The Witness. We get to view ourselves in a way that opens our eyes, and therefore creates liberation, from the things we simply can’t see when we’re stuck inside our minds, repeating the same day over and over, hoping to move forward but simply building another brick in the cage of our tunnel vision focus. 

Without the skill of The Witness, we can not fully know ourselves. We can not bring into observation the moments of unconsciousness that make up our habits, thoughts, narratives and commitments. We can not create perspective from the full picture, and so we simply decide that we must have missed something and dive into another round of childhood trauma hunting, EFT tapping, Full Moon belief burning or kundalini chanting. Or we decide we must be doing it wrong and buy into another strategy or follow for follow train or step by step guide to 6 figures and beyond. 

My darling, the only thing you’ve missed is the fullness of you. All of this Soul searching has only gone and built a pile of clutter over the space your Soul is actually residing and muted her voice. It’s got you firmly making choices and decisions and taking actions from the mind, instead of developing a steady and consistent conversation with the eternal essence of you. 

Want to step outside of the cage and reclaim the source of your true power?

>> Become The Witness << 

My love always,