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Honey I need to move your ass on to that waiting list, so you’ll give me a shot at changing your life.

The doors to my signature life changing programme open tomorrow and you want to be one of the FIRST people through that door at 5pm UK time.

Do you know how money conscious you are? Have you explored the farthest corners of your mind to discover what you believe about your financial reality?

My latest money journalling course has been added to the MCM (Money Consciousness Method… name for my signature programme), but you can have it for free if you join the wait list before the doors open tomorrow. 

I wrote these journal prompts when doing my own inner work just a few weeks ago (this stuff is always necessary even when you’re financially free and abundant AF), and they were so good, I asked my team to filter them because we couldn’t possibly give them away for free!!

So, they filtered them, and added the watered down version to The Abundance Games.

But you know what? I changed my mind!! Getting you money conscious is far more important to me than making an extra few quid. 

So I want you to have them for free, so you can see for yourself how your money beliefs are creating your financial reality.

And then I get to help you change that reality into one which serves you on a much deeper more profound level.

This is the work I love. This is the work that gets me passionately writing to you on a Sunday evening with a toddler hanging round my ankles. This is work that transcends all other money mindset work, and actually creates a lasting difference.

Because it’s not just about money, it’s about consciousness . It’s about understanding how energy works, how the Universe works, how YOU work, how money works with YOU, how it all plays out in all areas of your life, and how you can use multiple access points to change your financial reality.

There are so many ways to make money, and to manifest, and to move mindset blocks. There isn’t a one size fits all. This is where money consciousness comes in… this is where the MORE aspect comes in.

?You might be just getting by, but you desire more.

?You might be doing really well, but you desire more.

?You might be boom one minute, and bust the next, and you desire more.

I’m the queen of more, because I understand the Universal Law of Expansion… we are designed to want more, we are designed to expand. 

And that’s where I intend to take you… to the expanding abundance of more, in order to serve your greatest and highest good.

SO… want those new money journal prompts? Get on the waiting list for the MCM, hit reply, and I’ll send the prompts straight back to you on email!

Or send me a DM on Insta, whichever is easier for you. I can send them there too.

Sit with those prompts tonight, whether you actually journal stuff out, or just consider what I’m asking you, and ask yourself… is your financial reality ready to experience more?!

The doors to my signature programme, The Money Consciousness Method, open tomorrow at 5pm UK time. Set an alarm! You do not want to miss this opportunity!

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May 17, 2020