Full Moon Vibes – A lesson in inward & outward projection


There’s enough advice on the internet about today’s Full Moon in Taurus… and you know me by now… I lead, I don’t follow, so I’m taking you a level deeper with today’s Full Moon. 

Recently I’ve witnessed a lot of people overly projecting themselves, as in, putting too much of themselves out in the world in a bid to serve, contribute, raise vibrations, build awareness, add value, support themselves & their families, and all in the name of selfless service… which is exactly what I preach, isn’t it?

Not exactly.

I want to tidy something up here. I teach selfless service, YES, but not at the cost of self-care. And let’s be clear what self-care is… It’s making sure your cup is fully filled up before you overflow in service of others. Self-care is NOT being self-indulgent and trading ‘doing the work’ for season 6 of Power and Ben & Jerrys. Self-care is holding yourself accountable and personally responsible for your reality. It is NOT making matcha, completing an hour long meditation, and meal prepping a weeks worth of food whilst ignoring the bills you have outstanding, avoiding the conversations you ought to be having, or playing small in your business by pretending you’re still ‘healing your wounds’. Bitch, no amount of matcha and meditation is going to heal those wounds. You have to do the damn work. 

In session with one of my Priestesses-in-training yesterday, I said to her “just like the teacher who confronts themselves is able to carry more students, so does the healer who faces her pain, most able to transform with authenticity”. It’s a lesson I heard many moons ago from my ST, and one that has stayed with me ever since.

The work is internal. And it’s brutal, unapologetic, never-ending, and fearless.

But the work also has to be balanced. 

When we focus on the outward projection of our work, and juggling the many roles and hats life demands of us, we quite often forget to turn that projection inward, to pleasure. 

Our outward projection must be balanced by inward pleasure. Otherwise we fall out of alignment and begin to misunderstand exactly what it is we’re meant to be doing here.

Yes we are all leaders of our own stories, and we must take our experience and use it to contribute to the world, but without internal processing, inward pleasure, and the balance of human & divine experiences, we lose the meaning… we miss the point of life altogether. 

Take the number 8 and turn it on it’s side. What do you see? Infinity ∞

This is you and the Universe.

This is your pleasure and your work.

This is humanness and Divinity.

This is masculine and feminine.

This is the vessel that will transform your life experience: Balance in pursuit of Unity. 

On today’s Full Moon, I invite you to add something new to your ritual, your daily habits, and your behaviour moving forward.

Balance your outward projection with equal amounts of inward pleasure. 

So, for example, if you exert X amount of energy into your work today, create the space & permission to give back to yourself the same X amount of energy in pleasure.

And if you’re more inclined to the Netflix Ben & Jerry life today and you’re focusing on pleasure, make sure you balance that inward nourishing with an exact and equal amount of outward projection into the work you do in the world, whether through your business, your responsibilities, and/or your job.

Outward projection + inward pleasure = Balance = Unity

Some ideas for your pleasure:

  • Read a book (a novel, not another fucking self help book)
  • Watch a film (one that invokes your emotions & intellect, not a brain dead shit show)
  • Go for a walk in nature without your phone
  • Take a candlelit bath
  • Have sex, and spend hours on the foreplay
  • Cook yourself a beautiful meal with love
  • Dress up in your most fabulous outfit and take yourself for a drink
  • Engage with your kids and play childish games until you’re all giggling away
  • Make something with your hands
  • Take a nap
  • Write yourself a love letter

Got more ideas?

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With love always



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November 12, 2019