From my Soul to yours

Happy New Year!

If you’re new to Ask Harriette, welcome! This is truly the land of miracles, magic, money and masterful manifestation!

If you’re not new to me… well babe, what can I say? Let’s have another awesome year!

I’ve just been organising my desk for the new year, clearing out the clutter, and came across an old journal entry which spoke to me, and I know will speak to you too:

The voice of “what if” is still so loud
It needs replacing with a different sound
Look at all you’ve created so far
This journey is no different despite who you are
Who you are is a product of experience
Trials and tribulations and plenty of grievance 
But there’s also been plentiful moments of success
Learning that co-creation is what you do best
So take inspired action, and move through the mess
Commit to showing up even though you might be stressed
Your bravery is enough
Your light will shine bright
And that is surely enough for your soul to take flight
Because when you fly you’re as light as a feather
And you can take on the world whatever the weather
Shine baby shine, Big U has your back
We can do this together, there’s no going back
Ask, Believe, Receive… this is where you started
Action this magic and follow where your heart is
It’s going to be fine
Relax and revive
And remember that miracles happen all the time
Believe that you can
And watch that you will
It’s already done
You ARE … wonder-FULL

Journal entry on 10th March 2018 from Yallingup, Australia, ten days into my world tour.

From my Soul to yours

May 2019 bring you every joy, success and abundance

Remember, you have a right and a responsibility to Abundance

My love always



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January 14, 2019