From 10k to 1million… the same fuckery plagues your mind


Yesterday I shared a post on Instagram about the agony of getting to the elusive ‘10k month’ when you’re just starting out in business, and caught myself later that evening fretting that I’d “only” made 350k so far this year, which isn’t a vast improvement on last year.

My ego mind immediately determined the following:

  • ?Business is slowing down and is therefore definitely going to dry up
  • ?I’m a failure
  • ?Who am I to coach people to 7 figures when clearly I’m going to miss the mark myself this year
  • ?I made the totally wrong decision to change my strategy and become ‘more exclusive’
  • ?I’ve been reckless with money and shouldn’t have re-invested so much
  • ?Some other bullshit that I now can’t remember because none of it is fucking true

Here’s what is true:

  • ?I will definitely make over £1,000,000 this year
  • ?The £350k I’ve made so far this year I’ve done without barely even trying
  • ?I work far less now than I used to and that was my goal for this year anyway
  • ?My worth is not validated by the amount of money I make or don’t make
  • ?I’m successful because my work is of high service
  • ?My skill set is completely unique and life-changing
  • ?I no longer have a 100% success rate because I’m serving more people and therefore can’t please everyone and that’s OK
  • ?I have a proven 0 – 5figure – 6figure – 7figure strategy that I can repeat over and over again
  • ?I’m obsessively head-over-heels in love with the work that I do
  • ?My tribe / clients / audience are made of awesome incredible people and I’m blessed to serve them
  • ?I really do get to have it all

Thank fuck for my Higher Self. That transition took all of five minutes. 

But I know all too well how we can get stuck in the ego stories, for hours… and how those hours can become days, and weeks, until we find ourselves completely paralysed by fear and not going anywhere.

I have to be honest with you , the ego thoughts never stop. You just get quicker at recognising the bullshit and moving through it. 

I bet you’ve had most of those thoughts under the ego mind list haven’t you? Even if the number was slightly different. I’ll bet you’ve wobbled. Many times.

How many times did you arrive at your true Soul frequency and actually commit to staying in that place?

Want to know the trick that helps you STAY in your Soul frequency once you’ve arrived there?

Action. Conscious action. Inspired action. Discipline.


Communication. Communication with yourself, your tribe, your loved ones, and the Universe.

Remember that… once you’re in your Soul frequency… take action AND communicate.

The trick to getting in to your Soul frequency is Consciousness!

Consciousness is a word which is getting increasingly trendy. Thank god!! It’s about time (thank you Age of Aquarian).

However, not many people really understand WHAT it is, or HOW to achieve it.

Fortunately , I got your covered!

I am running a FREE 5 day Consciousness challenge starting on May 18th, specifically a Money Consciousness challenge. 

Join me. You won’t regret it!!

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Can’t wait to change your life in just five days 🙂

Love always



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May 8, 2019