Feeling a little out of sorts?


Ah those energies can seem to come out of nowhere. You’re feeling great one day, and then the next… wham… emotional, teary, easily distracted, unable to focus, sensitive, ungrounded, unsure, doubtful, worried, anxious… and if we’re not careful it can spiral, until one day because 2 which becomes many.

My intention is for you to understand what’s happening on days like these and lovingly guide you through to the other side. 

We are currently in an energy of what I’m calling “the shifting sands” . It kicked in on Jan 10th and it won’t stop until Jan 23rd. It’s actually an opportunity for us to build on the work we’ve been doing the last 2-3 years and create more structure and solidarity for ourselves as we enter into 2020. It’s the 4 year… which means lots of things… but for the purposes of this exercise, just picture a square. That’s what we are going for… solid & structured. (As a foundation to build on. Not to keep us stuck anywhere.)

However, this shifting sands can feel a little unnerving for some, if not all of us, at some point between Jan 10th and Jan 23rd. For a lot of people, myself included, the weight of it hit today. For others it might have passed, and for others it’s yet to come. It feels physical. 

You might feel a little out of your body, or whoozy in your head. You may have a cold / flu bug, or even a stomach virus. You might struggle to have any clarity at all in certain aspects of your life, and this is completely OK.

Without going deep into quantum physics, just know that the Universe is currently rearranging itself which is impacting your past, present, and future. The Energetic Intelligence is working on upgrades for all of humanity and whilst the sands are shifting for our Divine timelines, we can find ourselves feeling really disconnected. In essence, our future is being redesigned, for our greatest highest good, but because Time doesn’t technically exist, this rearranging is causing us to feel very UN-present in our current reality. We’ve sort of disappeared temporarily, but the physical body still exists, and the shadow of our previous consciousness is still present enough to function, but it might feel like you’re just kinda going through the motions.

Pretty deep stuff right?! I love quantum physics. I love backing up spirituality with science too. I love being a Priestess lol. Epic job perks!!

Anyway… knowing all this is going on is one thing, but it’s quite another to know what the fuck to do with it.

I have one very simple answer:

The Rich Mentality 

For one very frightening reason (sorry I don’t usually do the scare-mongering thing but this is legit):

If the Universe is currently shifting to recreate your future (38 years of karma was wiped on Jan 10th FYI), then the Universe is responding to all of your thoughts of right NOW to create a future that’s an accurate representation of what you desire. 

If your thoughts aren’t rich in abundance, gratitude and clarity then you’re not helping yourself to create a future of richness, abundance and gratitude.

If you find you’re a bit of a hot mess right now… guess what you’re accidentally creating for yourself in your future?

The Rich Mentality doesn’t ask you to think positively. It asks you to think correctly. 

Are you using your thoughts abundantly right now? Or are you succumbing to the shifting sands and selling yourself stories that don’t serve you now, and won’t serve you ever?

Honestly, I HATE doing the scary thing to sell. I loathe when other entrepreneurs do it because 99% of the time, it’s not legit. 

But this is legit. And even I’ve struggled the last week or so as the sands have been shifting in my world. The Rich Mentality has been my saving Grace. Thank fuck for my team and my fiancé to reflect my teachings back at me, because without a tribe it’s even harder.

Also, thank fuck for you guys for creating a classroom where I can show up and teach this shit, because it keeps me going, keeps me focused, and also keeps me deeply committed to my Rich Mentality practice, because I have to walk my talk in order to truly selflessly serve.

The goal is Unity, Oneness, and Abundance for all.

So I’m bound by Universal Law to not shut up about this class until everyone is enrolled. 

If you’re already enrolled, remember we’re still in the shifting sands period. Use the meditations and the tools I’ve already given you in the first two classes! And invite your friends and loved ones to enrol too.

If you’re not yet enrolled… jump in before Jan 23rd and let’s get your mind right and ready to create a future full of Richness. 

>>> The Rich Mentality <<<

The Universe is responding to YOU. What are you going to do?

My love always


p.s. if you’ve jumped to the bottom… we just added a weekly payment plan for The Rich Mentality so you can get started today for £55!

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January 20, 2020