Fast lessons in Money Consciousness


It’s been a while since I’ve reiterated this, so let me share with you some necessary fuel to improve your financial situation… because be honest with yourself, you want more abundance in your life don’t you?

It’s OK to want more. In fact it’s part of your biological make up. We are expansive beings living in an expansive Universe. So Money Consciousness lesson numero uno for today:


And then remember the fundamentals of what I teach:

Money is just energy 

And like energy it needs to flow through the path of least resistance

YOU are that path. You are the vessel for the giving and receiving of energy. Think about all the ways in which you receive and disperse energy biologically speaking… you breathe air in, AND OUT, you absorb food & drink, and then let is pass OUT, you are loved by your loved ones (even if it’s just your fur babies), and in return you let your love OUT back to them.

The energy of money is just the same. It needs to flow. So if you’re struggling to receive more money, look at where you’re not allowing it to flow OUT. Lesson numero two:


Imagine if you treated money like a living thing, rather than something which was just a means to an end. Think about the living things that thrive in this world, and what they receive from us in order to give back to us. Humans, animals, even plants, thrive when showered in love and high vibrations.

Have you seen the plant experiment they do in primary schools these days? One plant is told daily how beautiful and wonderful it is, whilst the other plant is told the opposite. It’s hardly a surprise that one plant blooms whilst the other suffers. Have you considered practicing the same energy emissions with your money? You might be pleasantly surprised. Lesson numero three:

LOVE YOUR MONEY (even if you don’t have much of it…. you can love your credit cards, and all the things money has provided you with in the past).

Have fun being money conscious in these three little ways and keep your eyes peeled for more ways to become Money Conscious and abundant from me in the next few days. 

My love always



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November 20, 2019