Everything is energy is a bullshit excuse keeping you small


Rant alert

I’m seeing this a lot on Instagram recently ‘everything is energy babes, go with the flow, hashtag all the hippie nonsense you can think of’.

Er, yeah, it’s nice that everyone is jumping on the energy bandwagon but totally missing the point is NOT helping anyone. 

Everything is energy… YES. But dismissing your experience, reality & responsibility with a nonchalant ‘everything is energy’ is about as conscious as a door knob. 

The whole point of understanding that everything is energy, is knowing what the hell you’re supposed to do with that energy, and what it actually means. 

I hate to say it but the spiritual world is becoming shallow AF. It’s become a cop out, and a bullshit excuse for shirking off responsibility to make incredible change in the world. 

Waking up to the idea that everything is energy is great, but that’s like celebrating the fact you opened your eyes this morning. You got a shit ton more to do than just opening your eyes ‘babes’.

Yesterdays coaching call with my Soul Sister Masterminders had one very distinct theme:

All of life is an illusion. You create your own reality.

Unfortunately some people accept their piss poor reality as something they can’t get out of because ‘it’s all energy’. Do me a favour. That’s not remotely conscious. 

Consciousness requires personal responsibility. You need to be able to take a few slaps in the face, and have a regular reality check up. 

Financial freedom requires personal responsibility. It’s the same thing. 

If you want more money, more love, more abundance, more opportunity, more anything, then you need to do the god damn work, and toughen up love. 

Love always



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June 12, 2019