Enough now. Enough. 

It’s everywhere. It’s so noisy. Impossible to ignore. Loud. And obnoxious. And painful.

The bickering. The blaming. The opposition. The polarity. The duality. The hatred and vengeance. The bitching. The judging. The attacks.

All masquerading as justice or righteousness or self defence. “Protecting ones sovereignty”.

No!!! Enough now. Enough.

You do not protect your sovereignty by attacking another. That is not sovereign. That is cowardice.

Sovereignty. Queening. Serving (Priestessing)… it means owning your shit. It means taking responsibility for your insecurities, your fears, your experience and doing whatever you need to do with that to make it into a conscious contribution.

Projecting your shit. Blaming another. Attacking another. Sending the dogs in. It’s FUCKED UP.

It’s a form of diverting your energy so you don’t have to deal with it and it’s not cool. Forcing someone else to deal with your shit is not going to end well for anyone, least of all the person doing the diverting / blaming / attacking.

We need diamond hearts 💎

A heart capable of loving unconditionally. A heart so Crystal clear it holds no hate nor vengeance. A heart so strong it can hold the destruction of duality without breaking. A heart that sees it all as it is. A heart that shines and radiates every colour of Light into all that come within its orbit.

In this new world we find ourselves in, a Diamond Heart is indomitable, indestructible and undeniable. And so so so full of love and Light.

A Diamond Heart is the embodiment of the woman who is here to make radical and positive change in the world. To leave her lasting legacy. Who is unavailable for anything other than the reason her Soul bore onto this Planet in human form.

A Diamond Heart Experience® is the new way to work with me 1:1. A 12 month intimate immersive and undeniable experience of true transformation.

Are you ready for that?

Enquire within.

My love always


p.s. Quantum and SourceMind are closing imminently. We are 10 in SourceMind and 8 in Quantum. I can see 2 to 5 more women joining us. Is there a spot with your name on it?