Ego: Honey I Shrunk Our Soul

Shrinkage. Is a HUGE issue. And I’m seeing it more and more recently, especially amongst people ALMOST on the brink of signing up to the Soul Sister Mastermind.

Perhaps because I’m shrinking myself. Shrinking from my next level Soul calling in which I step into even more power and responsibility as an agent of the awakening – calling people out on bullshit, speaking my truth even more unapologetically, and standing strong to the haters and Patriarchal gremlins who are forever trying to shoot me down.

With more Light appears more shadows.

So, I’ll do you a deal. I’ll step up if you step up. Let’s enter the world of the unknown and scary and expansive together.

Sans shrinkage.

Ok, so what the ‘eff is shrinkage?!

I’m noticing a trend amongst us all, of dipping a big toe into the expansion pool, having moments of epic expansion and courage… and then running a mile in the other direction in panic.

Like the wave that can’t stay on the sand.

We rise up, we get so close, we butterfly kiss our expansion zone, and then go scurrying back to the comfort zone giggling like a little school girl for thinking we could ever possibly be seen by the captain of the football team.

This is not a re-run of Mean Girls.

Move over Regina George, the captain of the football team wants you !

And by captain of the football team, I mean Source / Universe / God.

The Aquarian age is on her knees begging you for come in for that kiss and stay firmly locked in the most Divine energy exchange you’ve ever been in.

You’re not here to sweep the beaches honey.

You’re not here to gaze on in wonder as Regina George does her small-minded 3D thing (sorry Regina, no judgement, just an observation).

You are NOT here to shrink.

You are here to expand.

Yes I know it’s scary. Yes I know it’s emotional. Yes I know it seems impossible.

But here’s some things I want you to know about expansion:

  • When you expand your money expands
  • When you expand your relationships expand
  • When you expand your world view expands
  • When you expand your impact expands
  • When you expand your Destiny expands

We have the capacity to co-create (manifest), in 7 different dimensions.

This is next level shit and knowledge.

As far as I’m aware, no one else teaches what I do. Not when it comes to money energy intelligence, quantum physics, Soul work, energy & mindset.

Your world exists within your mind.

It’s just on you to decide who you are and what you’re doing.

Are you kissing the captain of the football team?

Or are you just sweeping the beaches?

Are you going to expand, and stay locked in to that energy?

Or are you going to run away and think “next time”?

Darling, this time IS the next time.

There are no more next times.

My love always




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February 13, 2019