Doors to the MCM are OPEN!

The day has FINALLY arrived!!! I know so many of you have been anxiously waiting for this post, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce this. Listen… you hear that? That’s the sound of your bank account quivering with anticipation because…


The Money Consciousness Method is officially OPEN!! 


Our family of gorgeous soul’s consciously creating epic abundance is growing and I can’t wait to welcome you in! And if you join TODAY I’m throwing in a FREE ticket to an online VIP day with me, worth £4932!! 


If you’re ready to make 2021 the year you finally step into the level of abundance that’s true for you, the Money Consciousness Method will help you change the way you think about, feel about and attract money with all the Priestess methods. Get ready to experience the practical, the magical and the miracle! 


As well 6 modules teaching you how to create consciousness, intimately understand the energy of money, make and manifest money your way and create financial abundance through your relationships, your sex life and the energy bodies, we’ve also added the most insane level of LIVE support we’ve ever offered!! 


Time and time again, we see the best results happening when you have a tribe to walk the golden path with you and a coach to hold you accountable to doing the damn thing. So you’re getting 6 months of guidance from the entire Ask Harriette coaching team!! 


💰 This includes bi-weekly calls with our Accountability Angel, Clare (with a choice of time zones to suit all!) 
💰 2x 60 minute Money Mindset group coaching calls with our Head Coach Angel, Mia 
💰 1x 90 minute Q&A call with yours truly! 
💰 An invitation to the live recording of the brand new module; Money & The 10 Energy Bodies, giving you another chance to ask me all your questions. 


PLUS if you sign up before midnight on Tuesday 25th May you’ll receive a full day’s worth of VIP coaching with me and Mia for FREE!!


>> Was that a HELL YES I heard?? Click here to make it official << 


Getting money conscious is the one thing that ensures I have money pouring in even when I’m not working. It’s what got me out of £250k’s worth of debt and into millionaire status in under 3 years. It’s how I KNOW I’m selling the right products, to the right people, at the right time. The result? Constant. Money. Flow. 


And this isn’t exclusive to me, the hundreds of people who have been through the MCM since we first launched it in 2019 have had their own abundant experience too. Those who took part in the 6 Days To M.O.R.E Money event we just held experienced results in just ONE WEEK (scroll back through last week’s emails to read about how they manifested thousands of dollars!!) 


And you know what, this isn’t even just about YOU becoming more abundant. This is about the lives you get to touch BECAUSE you are abundant. Imagine the impact you could create if you never had to worry about money. Imagine how many people all across the world could receive your gifts if you weren’t restricted by cash flow? 


I am convinced that massive abundance in the hands of conscious women can and will change the world. That’s why I’m so committed to teaching Money Consciousness. It’s literally my Soul purpose. How might you take your Soul purpose to the next level when you’re overflowing in true, lasting abundance? 

>> Let’s find out together shall we? Sign up here << 


Fast action bonus expires at midnight tomorrow!!! 


Love always,