Don’t be scared to fail


Did you catch yesterday’s IG live? I shared a very vulnerable and scary story about what I had to do in my business this last week. 

Business strategy, planning, and action is a necessary part of every business, no matter how minimal the planning or the action part is. Nothing happens without it. 

But what happens when the planning and the subsequent action don’t pan out as intended? And it all kinda falls apart or doesn’t really work the way you had imagined in your head?

You fail… right? I mean if the plan isn’t a success, it’s a failure.


There’s no such thing as failure. But there is such a thing as a Plan B. Or a Plan P in this case.

I call it the Priestess Pivot. 

And that’s exactly what I did earlier this week when Mama Universe delivered the instruction to pull the plug on my mastermind which already had people enrolled, events planned, flights booked, and a queue of people wanting to sign up. 

Something about it just didn’t feel right. My gut was screaming at me to pull the plug. I wasn’t excited by it, and despite people signing up and booking flights, it wasn’t exactly going to plan, because I didn’t have a fire in my belly, expansion in my heart, or wings at my back. I was somehow failing in the plan I’d put together. 

So I made a new plan. A better plan. And it worked out better for me, and for my clients, and probably for you. If you don’t know about the new plan, you might want to watch the replay!

But watch the replay anyway… because I teach you how to do the Priestess Pivot, and it’s a pretty neat skill that’s imperative to your survival in the current climate. Trust me. The Universe is doing some crazy things right now!

Catch the replay on Facebook in my group, the Ask Harriette Soul Support Squad.

Don’t ever be scared to fail, because there’s honestly no such thing, especially once you’ve mastered the Plan P ?

My love always



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September 6, 2019