Doing Less Gets You More

Impossible manifestations aren’t actually impossible. 

In fact, they’re really really easy and require very little action. This is what makes them LOOK impossible, to the untrained eye it may look as though the person pulling off said impossible manifestation may not be showing the full story, but the reality is it’s only your perception that makes this out of reach for you. 

And perceptions can be changed. 

This may be the bit that feels like “hard work”; you’re required to suspend everything you think you know about manifestation, the “Law of Attraction” and those cute incremental upgrades you’re supposed to go after in order to trick your ego all the way to your fully realised desire. But my guess is that you’d quite like that fully realised desire NOW? 

Who told you that’s not possible? 

What stories have you created to let yourself off the hook and make your biggest, most mind blowing, “pinch me” style manifestation project so far into the future that you never have to take responsibility for it? 

It’s easier to always be reaching for something than to try and miss the mark, right? 

But always reaching burns you out. It allows you to stagnate and lose your spark, your passion and your ride or die “I’m having this, because I desire it and that’s the end of the story” 

With impossible (7th dimensional) manifesting, that embodied ‘won’t take no for an answer’ is all you need. Everything else is irrelevant. And that’s exactly what ensures you never miss the mark! 

Ready to change your perception forever? 

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