Does this sound familiar?


I’m tired

I’m annoyed

I’m frustrated

I just wanna say fuck it all and forget it

It’s too hard

I’m burning out

I know what I want

I don’t understand why it isn’t happening

I’m doing the work

I’m showing up every day

I’m working through my shit

I want to believe

I just can’t stop the fucking negative nancy’s in my head

Every time I think I’ve cracked it and I’m feeling good, they creep back in


Why do I bother?!

So. Pissed. Off.

With myself mostly.

Why can’t I just stay high vibe and flowy like all those successful women on Instagram?

Even the dog is pissing me off now.

God it’s noisy in here.

I can’t get any space to think let alone do anything

HELP, I’m stuck!

Oh my darling… this is a classic case of ego-entrapment, when you really do believe you’re trying, because your actions look like you’re making all the right moves, and you’ve so loyally followed all those teachings that tell you to just keep showing up and doing the work, the inner work and the shadow work too…

… but the reality is you’re not getting anywhere… you’re stuck in the same vicious cycle, with a few more products or programmes beautifully designed (having gone nowhere), and a few more likes on your posts, heck maybe even an income boost, but you’re not even close to where you want to be… and conversations like these come to play a little too often.

You’re looking for the missing piece, constantly striving for the next level, the best version of you, the big goal, the dream….

And you haven’t yet realised

You ARE the missing piece, you ARE the next level, you ARE the best version of you, you ARE the goal and the dream

Ego-entrapment has us believing we’re living this thing we call life, never letting us in to the ultimate secret:

We ARE life. We create everything from nothing. 

Energy flows directly from Source, through our Soul, our ten energy bodies, and out into the Universe we experience.

But so many people don’t let it through. The same way they don’t let money flow through.

I’ve been a leading expert on money flow, money energy, and money consciousness for several years now, and I’ve taken my own energy knowledge and implementation to the next level…

Understanding and alchemising the flow of SOURCE energy through the human vessel, not just the flow of MONEY energy (and naturally when you open to Source flow you open to all types of flow including money and anything else you desire).

If you’re over being trapped by your ego, and you’re ready for M.O.R.E., you know where you need to be.

>>> Doors are closing in a matter of days! <<<


Bear this in mind… it takes as much energy to be loyal to your ego as it does to be loyal to your Soul. You’ve denied your Soul for so long, you’re not sure you’re even fully connecting to it (hot tip: if you’re in ego-entrapment, you’re not in Soul connect).

Are you going to continue feeding your ego whilst pretending to do the work? Or are you actually going to do the NECESSARY work… the deep Soul connect… the type of work that demands a big investment from you? If it was easy, EVERYONE would be doing it, and they’d be charging peanuts for it too. It’s not easy. It’s deep. Really fucking deep.

But if you want radical change, if you really want MORE from life, then you’re going to have to get over your excuses, your bullshit beliefs, your ego-entrapment, the false action that has been guided by your ego rather than your Soul, and you’ve got to get yourself in this energy.

Stop searching. Look in the mirror. YOU ARE FUCKING MAGICAL.

Are you going to let me teach you to use the magic or are you going to let it rot?

>>> Here’s the sign up page. Join me. <<<

I love you (I know I’m fierce, and tough, and sometimes a bit scary… but I am the way I am BECAUSE I love you, and I won’t stop fighting for you)

Harriette x


Posted on

October 29, 2020