Do you really need to buy another course?!

Do you really need to buy another course?!

Outsourcing your power is fucking exhausting! Please stop…

You know what to do! Just do it!

Is it really that you have a knowledge gap?

OR… be really honest with yourself…

 Do you actually have a skills gap?

 Or an accountability gap?

 Or a devotion gap?

 Or a proximity gap? (to someone who has the answers & is modelling what you want for yourself)

 Or a community gap? (i.e. are you surrounding yourself with people who are on the same page and lifting you up instead of dragging you down into the life you’re trying to build away from?!)

Stop learning then same things from eleventy million different courses & start doing the damn thing. 

 Get in a room where you’ll be held accountable and motivated AF, where you can ask Qs and be reminded daily of your own power and the knowledge you already have, where you can be devoted instead of DISTRACTED.

^^^ Because that’s all you’re really doing with all the coach hopping and same course / different teacher behaviour isn’t it?! 

You’re just distracting yourself so you don’t have to do the damn thing? Just convincing yourself one more course, where you won’t actually be held accountable to implementing the info, (which you already know because you’ve learned it already from several other people), is going to be the silver bullet.

Hiding behind more courses you don’t need is NOT the silver bullet!

Getting yourself seen, and heard, and visible though… not just by your community but also by a coach… and actually showing up to BE coached, and BE held accountable, so you can’t run away from yourself & your potential…. yeah that might actually do it!

If you’re telling yourself you just need another course then chances are you’re just talking yourself out of doing what you really need to do which is HIRING A COACH.

But you’re all caught up in your stories that coaching is expensive or unnecessary or [insert your latest denial theory here]!! 

So here’s my solution…


> weekly personal coaching with me every single Friday FOR A WHOLE YEAR (no getting out of it)

> mini masterclasses on whatever you need to top up the genuine knowledge gaps

> daily accountability so you actually do the damn thing instead of getting distracted

> proximity with me and an epic community of women also committed to devotion over distraction

> a £77 voucher every month to use on other Ask H courses & classes (that you ACTUALLY need… I won’t let you buy more shit you don’t need)

> spiritual insights, channels, wisdom drops as and when Spirit moves through me

> £188/mo or £1888/yr



If you’ve ever wanted 1:1 coaching with me, or if you’ve ever wanted to get in “The ONE” (that’s access to all my courses & classes PLUS coaching) but you’ve been telling yourself stories that you can’t afford it, or it’s not time….

Well… now you’re out of excuses because The TEMPLE is a bite size of all of it, classes, insights, wisdom AND COACHING… for just £188/month

AND … you won’t be able to get away with not doing the damn thing any more. 

Which is the only reason you WOULDN’T sign up to The TEMPLE, is because you want to stay behind your excuses for a bit longer. And if you do that’s cool too. But when you’re tired of your own shit, bored of your procrastination and debilitating perfectionism, and you want a daily rocket up your butt, plus personalised guidance… well you know where to come…

>>> THE TEMPLE <<<


This is the most no brainer of all no brainer offers I’ve ever created. You have EVERYTHING you need. There are no excuses!!

My love always

H xxx