Do You Have Genius? Or Does Your Genius Have You?

I stumbled across an interesting idea in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, and wanted to ask if this is you…?

The Romans and the Greeks both believed that exceptionally gifted people (creatives just like you) had genius, instead of being geniuses.

There is a distinct difference between a person who has genius, and a person who is a genius.

Genius, to them, was an external force; an elf or a fairy perhaps who visited normal people and bestowed on them the light of inspiration and creativity so they could create their ‘genius’ works, be that music, or dance, or art, or an entrepreneurial project etc.

So, it got me thinking…

If we aren’t the geniuses, and the genius is an energy that visits us from time to time, then we’re kind of off the hook. No more pressure to constantly excel and live up to genius expectations. If our genius is on holiday for a while, well then, hey, that’s OK! Right? Not our fault!

So your adverts aren’t working, your copy sucks, your website isn’t the masterpiece you imagined, you haven’t written any music for ages, or choreographed a piece of dance which sets your soul on fire…. your genius is on holiday babe. Chill!!

It also provides a kind of protection for our ego’s too.

We can let go of fear in letting go of the expectations and demands we put on ourselves.

So if ‘genius’ is external, and not internal, then how do we tap into it? Instead of waiting for it to turn up whenever it bloody well feels like it!

Well, genius, creativity, and inspiration… are all forms of energy. Just like everything else in our Universe.

And as the law of the Universe states, ‘Where attention goes, energy flows”.

By focusing a pool of positive energy, we create a battery of power, or a manifesting circle, that attracts our geniuses. Kind of like plugging straight into Battersea power station for instant downloads of information, guidance, support, and inspiration!

But where does such a thing exist I hear you cry?!

Right here babe. Check it out. You definitely want to be inside this circle.

Come plug in ?

With love

Harriette x


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February 16, 2017