Do you have a fully paid up subscription to the blame game?


This could potentially be a challenging week for many of us. Full moon tomorrow, coupled with a mercury retrograde, and a bunch of other planetary pitstops happening in the sky… it could be frustrating. 

But it’s no reason to dismiss responsibility for your current experience of life. You are the co-creator of this life. 

Your life is not dictated by the economy, or politicians, or brexit, or borders, or banks, or your ex-husband, or your boss, or your annoying next door neighbour…

Your life is dictated by your ability to take personal responsibility for your vibration and your reactions & responses to events that YOU create.

It’s all energy. And this simple truth can be the hardest to fully digest. 

A frightening amount of people still subscribe to the blame game, and commit to angry explosive reactions to events that they deem beyond their control. 

Pandemonium is building as the UK heads further into the stew of political nonsense over brexit, and cries of another recession are rife. 

My reaction… so fucking what?!

If everything happens for a reason and all of life is an illusion, then only my energy, and my energy only, can dictate how my finances play out in another UK recession. 

As an aside, if my psychic predictions are correct, the whole world will see a financial breakdown this year. But ho hum. It’s all just a bloody illusion anyway. 

And honestly… it’s all happening FOR us, not to us. Every major event we experience in life is a part of a much bigger grand design. And it’s that grand design so many people are blind to.

Talk a walk in central London and you might hear these kind of conversations:

“Too many bloody immigrants stealing our jobs”

“Boris Johnson is a twat and he’s going to cripple this economy, but it’s OK for him, he’s a millionaire”

“Why are people such dickheads? I only wanted an extra shot in my coffee for fucks sake”

“I swear to God, if I have to call the council one more time about this gate, I’m going to sue them”

“The banks are criminals, they’ve just taken £7.50 out of my account for fees, what a joke”

“It’s orite for some, I’ve never seen the fucking beach, privileged white bastards”

“I saw him checking her out, why won’t he look at me? I’ve given him everything!”

“Kids should come with a return to sender option at this age, they’re doing my nut”

^^^ These are real life examples of things I’ve heard just in the past MONTH!

The problem here isn’t lack of money, or decent human beings, or politicians who know what they’re doing, or border control…

The problem here, is a total lack of consciousness, and a fully paid up subscription to the BLAME GAME.

People are angry. I get it. I still get angry sometimes. 

But anger is just explosive deep sadness (credit Joanna Hunter), and these reactions are exactly that… explosive!

So why is anger coming through as explosive sadness? What is it everyone is fundamentally sad about that’s causing such reactions?

The sadness comes from a disconnect. A disconnect to Source.

When we are disconnected, we don’t experience real Love. We don’t experience the Light frequencies. And when we’re starved for long enough, we get run down, and we slip into vibrations that don’t serve us, and before too long, we’re experiencing explosive reactive angry outbursts to just about everything in life. 

And a negative spiral continues. It’s not what I want for you. It’s not what I want for anyone. 

I’m so committed to this, I’m in the process of creating a container in which you can stay in a consistently high vibration.

Because isn’t that we all want? High vibes? Happy life? Plenty of money? And magic manifesting?

I’m working on it. I’m doing it for you!

In the meantime, try as hard as you can to not fall into the blame game. It’s not a good look on you, you’re better than that. 


Love you always



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July 16, 2019