Do Less of Everything

You know, this business thing really isn’t that complicated. I’m sharing some of my #1 strategies here and on the gram right now and the one thing they all have in common is they’re so simple. 

I’ve been in business for 16 years; some are turning over 6 and 7 figures, some no longer exist, some are becoming charities. And in that 16 years I’ve tried it ALL. Enough to KNOW for certain that simplicity is always the best option. 

Just look at Ask H over the last 12 months – we’ve streamlined and simplified literally everything about the company. The team is smaller, the marketing budget is smaller, funnels almost don’t exist, our launch systems are way less intense. And as a result, we’re seeing our highest cash year in the history of the company. And there’s still 2.5 months of the year left!! 

We’re doing less of pretty much everything, except for ONE thing. There’s one thing we’re definitely doing more of…

My number one sales strategy:


The biggest “duh” moment my clients have when they come to me looking to increase their sales is that if I take a quick glance at their socials, bios, or email content and the ratio of sales link & sales messaging to content is pitiful if not completely non-existent.

Most people out there aren’t selling anywhere near enough, yet banging their heads against the wall as to how they reach their next financial milestone. You can’t make more money if you don’t ask for it!!

Want more sales?! Sell more often!!

Keep those links coming in your stories, IG bio, and on your emails (I don’t recommend pasting URLs into grid captions).
You’re not annoying anyone, you’re not being too repetitive. People DO want to buy, people DO appreciate you modelling the safety and normality in regular frequent sales, and if someone doesn’t like it, they’ll unfollow and they’re not your people anyway so what does it matter?!

When was the last time you actively put your “to buy” link in your stories? Product based companies do it ALL DAY LONG… why aren’t you?!

And this doesn’t mean more hustle FYI. Like I said, the Ask H Team are pretty much allergic to hustle at this point, but we sell alllll the time. 

On the stories. 
On the grid. 
In the DM’s. 
In the emails. 
In person. 
Behind the scenes. 
Through streamlined and very strategic automations. 
Via voice note. 
Via text. 

We’d probably send up smoke signals if we could, that actually sounds quite nice, sprawled out by the fire and letting the air take your offer up to the ethers. Maybe we’ll look into that! 

We also make damn well sure that WHAT we’re selling is a no brainer. A crazy town, bite my hand off, omg hell yes offer that our audience has been witnessing us crush it at and can’t WAIT to discover the secret sauce behind the magic that’s exploding all over their feed. 

And that’s where Offer Queen comes in. 

Want to streamline your strategies and make more sales with less hustle? 

>> YES Queen!! << 

My love always,