Did you hear that?

In a world full of noise, mess, and chaos, I’ve been aware of a whisper from within.

A whisper that doesn’t demand, doesn’t vie for attention… it simply waits patiently to find a presence in the present.

A whisper that could stop the world spinning if she wanted to, but instead chooses to see the beauty in the burning. 

A whisper that heals, soothes, ignites, and alchemises simultaneously. 

A whisper so etheric it barely makes sense to those who hear it or those who witness the ones hearing it. 

But the whisper was never meant to make sense inside the patriarchal structure of logic, reason, rationale, rules & structure.

She is not of this world.

She is not designed to fit.

Nor conform.

But neither is she designed to rebel.

Nor fight.

She simply IS

Presence in the present

The very thing humanity burns for

She is


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