Did I Manifest That?

Did I Manifest That?

Manifestation queens (and kings) step forward and admit this:

We have all had moments of ‘holy crap did I actually manifest that?!’ (and it wasn’t a good thing, or an intentional thing, but you totally knew it was a thing you’d been giving lots of energy to)!

Am I right? Admit it! I’ve done it too! ?

Accidental parking tickets

Unexpected bills & letters

Awkward conversations

Less than desirable outcomes

Missed flights

Crazy traffic

Canceled babysitters

Usually, because we’ve been fretting and worrying about an undesirable result, and hey presto, we go and manifest that shit completely by accident!

Ever muttered to yourself “I just know the traffic will be horrendous and I’ll be late”, and then as if by psychic deliverance, the traffic IS horrendous and you do end up late ? NOT COOL.

Same happens when we stress about money… we have a tendency to manifest more bills, more cash flow problems, less than lucky launches, and a whole host of hiccups which give us even more reason to stress about money.

And of course it’s dead easy to prescribe the “stop worrying about it then ” fix, but seriously… stopping worrying is NOT that straight forward.

We are human. We are basically cucumbers with anxiety.

So, how does an anxious cucumber prevent accidental manifestations?

Great question! So glad you asked!!

The Law of Abundance is the answer to all your money manifestation problems.

The Law of Abundance states that we ALL have a RIGHT and a RESPONSIBILITY to Abundance, to wealth, to money.

Unlike the Law of Attraction, the Law of Abundance, doesn’t leave the money manifesting part down to vision boarding, unrealistic instructions to be in a consistently ‘monetary vibration’ (whatever the hell one of those is), and journalling until your hand falls off.


The Law of Abundance provides such an enlightened understanding about the energy of money, that you simply shift into a state of KNOWING.

Knowing is so much stronger than believing, or trying to believe.

And knowing is way easier than controlling!

And knowing takes the pressure off in such a huge way, you get to go about life happy as a clam!

Clams, cucumbers, whatever, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that there is a much easier, far more enlightened and upgraded way to manifest money!

It’s called the Law of Abundance.

Want to know more?

Stay tuned gorgeous!

Love always

Harriette x


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August 24, 2018