Dear Patriarch


Dear Patriarch

You’ve been showing up a lot for me recently

?In the women too scared to go to their next level with me for fear of “not being worthy”, “not having enough time” or “not being able to afford it”.

?In the men governed by rules, laws & processes to the point of suffocation of self, and suffocation of the money that desires to flow through me and my companies.

?In my loved ones, ignorant to the ways of the Divine Feminine, The Priestess, Me, who are only just learning about moon magic, cycles, and energy.

?In our education systems, which teach us only to learn, never to think freely.

?In our healthcare systems, which offer solutions typically more harmful than the root cause of the dis-ease itself.

In fact, it’s my own dis-ease that has triggered this letter Patriarch. 

I’ve witnessed and felt so much of your work recently that it’s caused a physical reaction from my own Divine Feminine, my Holy Grail.

Physical manifestations of our dis-ease, I know, represent our breaking point, and here’s where my prayer for you begins.

I’m Sorry I didn’t address my feelings for your sooner. I’m Sorry I suppressed the anger and frustration that was building in me as I witnessed and felt more and more of your work in all aspects of my life.

Forgive me for attempting to ignore you as I dismantled you. Forgive me for not utilising all of my Divine Feminine Power in an effort to rebalance our Cosmos. Forgive me for not embodying you, as well as me, in my role as High Priestess of Light.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for us. Truly, without you Patriarch, The Aquarian Age would have never begun, we would never have started our awakening en mass, the Priestess would never have been reborn, we never would have experienced the Spring after Winter.

I Love You Patriarch.

I Love You in my husband-to-be. I Love You in my mother, father, sister and brother. I Love You in my friends, clients, colleagues, and peers. I even Love You when I see you in my own reflection.

BUT, I do not Love You in my daughter. 

You are yet to exist within my daughter, and my final prayer for you Patriarch is this:

Die gracefully. It is your time. Do not attempt to infiltrate the next generation. This Priestess is guarding the front line with fury, humility, fearlessness, and Grace. I embody both Patriarch, and Matriarch. May my generation be the last to fight the internal battle of masculine and Divine Feminine. May you leave our little ones alone. Let them build a world of peace, of oneness, where duality drops into unity, where the divide ceases to exist.

Spring is coming.

Ostara, my 15 month old daughter, named after the Spring Equinox, the Goddess of Spring, has worked through me for these past 3 years before her incarnation. My strength then was undeniable. My strength now is unbeatable.

Ostara is here. Spring is HERE. 

Die peacefully Patriarch. We will always remember you.

With love

Harriette, High Priestess of Light

(Written on awakening at 5:55am on this day, the 9th of February, 2020, on the Super Snow Moon)


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February 9, 2020