Dealing with Rejection

Dealing With Rejection

It’s pouring it down with rain in London this morning which always makes me a little reflective

It’s super early and no one else is awake yet, except the cat who obviously wants breakfast at sunrise

I wanted to share something quite vulnerable

I consider myself a pretty confident, authentic, unique and inspiring individual, who at 30 years old has achieved incredible things and created a million dollar business in less than a year, whilst maintaining several other multi-6-figure businesses, and growing a baby, and somehow still have a great love life and social life



I’m still human

I still get knocked

I still have moments of deep insecurity and questioning and anxiety 

And last week whilst I was on holiday I received an email from a client in my member’s club saying:

“I would like to cancel my account with AH, please. I’ve joined a Mastermind that provides me with the same services and spiritual advice Harriette provides.”

My initial reaction felt like I’d taken a dagger to the heart ?

Yes this is a business so no it’s not personal

But it IS personal

It IS personal when someone tells you-you’re the same, that you don’t stand out, that you’re not different, or special, or unique, that they don’t value your individuality, that you’re just another face in the crowd.

That basically you’re ‘not enough’

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a dismissal or a rejection?

Perhaps a break up where you were told it’s not you, it’s them. But you feel like really it is you because you’re ‘not enough’.

Or, perhaps a dismissal from a job without any recognition for all that you’ve contributed to the organisation.

Or an audition where you felt looked over, ignored, even unnoticed.

We walk away from these experiences feeling like a flat balloon. The little ball of knots starts to form in your stomach, and your heart feels like it drops through the floor.

Am I right? Have you ever felt this?

And, the worst part comes, when we try to share our disbelief, and our heartbreak, with others around us, and they just don’t get it. To them, it seems trivial, insignificant, irrelevant. Which just adds to the feelings of rejection.

And rejection, as I’m sure you know, has a pretty low vibration.

We can’t manifest much from a low vibration, other than more low vibrations, and more negative mind chatter. Ego has an absolute field day locking in all the new limiting beliefs that are forming off the back of this unexpected frequency. Because Ego likes to keep us small.

So how do we break these low vibes before we manifest more unnecessary crap into our lives?

?You tell yourself you’re enough!

?You look for evidence that you are enough!

?You scream from the rooftops that you are enough!

?You ask your bestie to scream it back at you!

?You cartwheel around the garden, and run around your kitchen naked to move that energy!

?You avoid alcohol and sugar like the plague!

?You do 10 push-ups

?You fill your journal with ‘I am enough’ statements

?You share your feelings, regardless of what people think

?You get that energy OUT

?Then you remind yourself that you’re pretty freaking awesome

?That there’s only one YOU in the world

?That there’s only one person that can do what you do

?There’s only one person who can be who you be

?There’s only one person who can have what you have

?There’s only one person with your destiny, with your uniqueness, with your values, with your offerings, with your aura


That makes you enough

The world needed you and that’s exactly why you’re here

We needed you

I needed you

I LOVE being able to share these emails with you

I LOVE working with you

I LOVE talking with you

You are enough

You are special

You are unique

You are worthy

You are enough

And remember this:

When someone rejects you, they’re only rejecting themselves. It’s never about you, only a reflection of themselves, and their blindness, their inability to see your worth and value.

Don’t let the bitches bring you down. You’re a high vibrational being, and that is enough for you to deserve to stay in a high vibration all the damn time!

Stay light, stay lifted, and stay in love, especially with yourself.

I love you!

Harriette x

p.s. I assured myself of this when I needed it:

“I am the only Priestess of Light in the whole freaking world doing what I do, offering what I offer, and sharing what I share. NO one compares to me. I am not in competition with anyone. Only with who I was yesterday. My service is a blessing to those who choose to receive it, and in choosing to honour myself I honour all those I serve.”


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August 20, 2018