Could this go viral?!


You know those moments where something freaking genius comes out of your mouth, and you’re like “dang, I wish someone had recorded that”

I had one of those moments

Fortunately, Jen Gallagher captured it on her podcast, Conscious State of Mind, the day she interviewed

Legendary woman. Awesome ethos. Awesome message. Awesome Soul.

It was an absolute honour to be invited on to her podcast as a guest. We talked about Universal Laws, manifesting a constant state of abundance, and getting into an energy of powerful co-creation by shifting your consciousness and your mindset.

There is SO. MUCH. GOLD. in that interview, I just can’t even.

I haven’t had a podcast interview go viral since the one I did with Chris Harder back in 2017.

I think this one could go gah-gah!

>>> Give it a listen here <<<

And have an awesome weekend!

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My love always



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July 16, 2019